Can you apply Bundle Patches to SE2 databases?

Can you apply Bundle Patches (BP) to Standard Edition (SE2) databases?

This question got raised by Adam (thanks!) via the comments section of the blog. But a few days later I read it on the internal mailing lists as well. Adam was referring to this sentence in the BP READMEs since October 2015:

“In this document Oracle Database Home refers to Enterprise Edition. Standard Edition Database software installs should install Database PSU.”

Why was this sentence added?

There were issues with enabling functionality on SE2 databases by accident with a Proactive Bundle Patch – something which got fixed and corrected later on.

Is this still valid?

No, it isn’t anymore – and future READMEs will reflect this. So YES, you can apply (and you should IMHO) Proactive Bundle Patches in Oracle Database 12c (12.1 and 12.2) to Standard Edition 2 (SE2) databases. This is valid for all BPs since .

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