Adaptive Execution Plans – not available in Oracle SE2

I received an interesting question on the blog the other day:

“Are Adaptive Plans an Enterprise Edition only feature?”

What does the License Guide say?

The Oracle Database 12.2 License Guide says:

Adaptive - EE only

Adaptive Features: Enterprise Edition only – from the Oracle 12.2 License Guide

What does say?

This is the link the customer came across – also saying that Adaptive Execution Plans are an Enterprise Edition only feature:

Adaptive Plans - EE only

Adaptive Execution Plans – Enterprise Edition only – from

What does this mean for SE2?

That is the question Adam had. Does this impact SE2? Will I get an error or – even worse – a license violation if I have optimizer_adaptive_plans=TRUE – which is the default?

No, none of it will happen.

First of all, the information displayed is correct:
Adaptive Execution Plans are an Enterprise Edition only feature.

But there’s no need to tweak any parameters or fear license issues. The feature is simply turned off in our code for Standard Edition 2 (SE2) regardless of how the parameter optimizer_adaptive_plans has been set.

Thanks Nigel for shedding some light!

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