Patches, Patch Sets, Patch Bundles, Bundled Patches …

Ouch … just realized that it has been a while since I posted a new topic on the blog. But actually the past weeks I was busy doing workshops, working with customers – and finally (yes!!) participating on an Exadata training class. Sitting there for 3 days, listening the instructor, playing around with the cell simulator and all the exercises was quite a nice change from the daily business. And I believe I’ve learnt something useful 🙂

Well, daily business, this brings me back to a topic which hit my inbox today again for the 2nd time in a few weeks. Somebody has opened an SR with Oracle Support and refered to my blog entry from January recommending Exadata Bundled Patch 3 for a typical RAC/GI installation. Simple reason why I recommended this: Exadata Bundle Patches get released each month, they contain critical fixes for RAC, GI and ASM – and optimizer fixes.

After a discussion with Support later on I’ve added a note below this article saying that Oracle Support will still recommend a combination of the latest PSU together with the latest PSU GI. But both don’t contain optimizer fixes. And I’ve learned a few weeks ago that there are now also Grid Infrastructure Bundle Patches being released.

So my personal recommendation if you are not sure which patch to apply:
Open an SR and ask Oracle Support. And once you login to please try out the Upgrade Planner on the PATCHES/UPDATES page.

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