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DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE and Out-Of-Place Patching

Well, you see, this is most likely my special DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE week. And since I receive quite a number of questions, it may be good to discuss here about DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE and Out-Of-Place Patching?

DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE and Out-Of-Place Patching

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Out-of-place Patching

When you patch out-of-place with a new home – which is clearly our recommendation – you may see another tiny pitfall with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE.

When you check DBA_DIRECTORIES, you will find two directories being related to DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE.

SQL> select directory_name, directory_path from dba_directories where directory_name like '%OPTIM%'

-------------------- --------------------------------------------------
DBMS_OPTIM_LOGDIR    /u01/app/oracle/product/19/cfgtoollogs
DBMS_OPTIM_ADMINDIR  /u01/app/oracle/product/19/rdbms/admin

You see the “19” in the …

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Patching all my environments with the July 2020 Patch Bundles

Quarterly routine: When the new security alert get published, then it is patching time again. I’ll show you as usual how Patching all my environments with the July 2020 Patch Bundles works. And I heard your comments – in the next round in October, I will do this for GI and OJVM most likely, too. If not earlier …

And just an important annotation upfront: I patch in-place due to space issues. But in reality, you please patch always out-of-place with a separate home.

Security Alert July 2020

This is the Security Alert for

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Issues with seed databases, patch bundles and OJVM in 19c

I really rely on people telling me about issues they saw. And in this case, it happened twice within a few days. At OOW London, a customer came after my talk and told me about invalid objects and an incredible long recompilation time. In fact, he had to apply an OJVM patch in order to solve this. When I returned home, Jure commented on the blog about a very similar issue. I spent some time on the weekend to check it out. And I realized: There are issues with prebuilt seed databases and OJVM in 19c.

Issues with seed databases, patch bundles and OJVM in 19c

Photo by Max

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Oracle Security Alerts for July 2019 got published

It’s patching day. And I’m already downloading the patch bundles for all my installations (,,, 18c and 19c). The Oracle Security Alerts for July 2019 got published today.

Oracle Security Alerts for July 2019 got published

Patch Advisory and Risk Matrix

You can find the July 2019 Patch Advisory here. I checked the risk matrix for the database. It contains 8 new fixes for the database server. Please pay attention that 3 of the vulnerabilities may be exploitable from a client without an Oracle Database server being installed. The highest score is 9.8.

Please check the risk matrix by yourself:

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Does OJVM patching require a specific Database Release Update?

This question came up several times in the past days: Does OJVM patching require a specific Database Release Update? People mentioned that there’s a significant difference between the OJVM Patch Readme between Oracle 12.2.01 and Oracle 18.4.0.

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What’s the point?

In the OJVM (Oracle Java Virtual Machine) Patch Readme for Oracle Database a sentence clarified that you can combine different states of OJVM and Database patch bundle with each other. Your database home could have been patched with the April 2018 Update, whereas you decided to apply the October 2018 OJVM patch.

The …

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July 2018 Update, Revision, BPs, PSUs – delays and other issues

This is a Friday morning blog post. And actually I had no intention to write it. I don’t mean it offensive. But yesterday I received an interesting email from Frits Hoogland from Enkitec/Accenture. Frits asked me about the July RUR and some unlogic things on MOS. Once I had answered his email, the next question came in. Hence, I thought I need to write something about our July 2018 Update, Revision, BPs, PSUs – delays and other issues.
July 2018 Update, Revision, BPs, PSUs - delays and other issues

From being on stage at last year’s DOAG Conference for a “Patching Forum” I know that things aren’t as …

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July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

Hurray, it’s patching day! I know, YOU did look forward to July 17, 2018 as it is patching day again. Last night we released the following Patches: July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU.

July 2018 Update, Revision, BP and PSU

First of all, I’m doing the usual check for the alert and the risk matrix to see whether there’s are really important security patches included. For the risk matrix you’ll have to scrooooooooooolllll down quite a bit as the list of products is strictly alphabetically ordered:

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Patching my databases with the April 2018 PSU, BP and RU

Patching is fun, isn’t it? And you may have heard already that the April 2018 patch bundles got released on April 17, 2018. And I thought I share a little bit of fun with you with a quick guide to patching my databases with the April 2018 PSU, BP and RU. For this exercise I use our Hands-On Lab with Oracle, Oracle and Oracle installed.

Prerequisites for patching my databases with the April 2018 PSU, BP and RU

First of all, in my VBox environment, I shutdown the databases for each release before patching them – …

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Fixes for Adaptive Features are included in Oracle October 2017 BP

Finally … the two most important fixes for Adaptive Features are included in Oracle October 2017 BP (Bundle Patch). I’m absolutely happy about this. Almost all of my customer and many folks outside I’m dealing with on a regular basis had to request and wait for merge patches over and over again. And we all knew – also based on the experience of the Real World Performance Team – that these two patches are so important to stabilize Oracle production systems.

You may find this ALERT on MyOracle Support:

MOS Note 2289719.1
ALERT: Oracle Recommended Adaptive Feature Configuration

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Oracle – June 2017 Bundle Patch is available for Linux

After the removal of the first Oracle Database Bundle Patch in May, the June 2017 Proactive Bundle Patch on Linux got released now:

What’s inside?

The Proactive Bundle Patch contains the June Database Bundle Patch and the June Grid Infrastructure Patch Set Update.

BP June 2017

Proactive Bundle Patch – June 2017 – Linux – Oracle Database

More information about previous and future BPs?

First of all, the well known schedule for BPs (and of course PSUs) will be kept – so please expect the next Proactive Bundle …

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Can you apply Bundle Patches to SE2 databases?

Can you apply Bundle Patches (BP) to Standard Edition (SE2) databases?

This question got raised by Adam (thanks!) via the comments section of the blog. But a few days later I read it on the internal mailing lists as well. Adam was referring to this sentence in the BP READMEs since October 2015:

“In this document Oracle Database Home refers to Enterprise Edition. Standard Edition Database software installs should install Database PSU.”

Why was this sentence added?

There were issues with enabling functionality on SE2 databases by accident with a Proactive Bundle Patch – something which got fixed and …

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Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available [not anymore]

All credits go to Ricardo Maeda as I knew that we’ll release a Bundle Patch for Oracle sometime this week – but I couldn’t find it linked from the usual MOS notes. And please don’t ask my why that is.

Anyhow, with patch 2579308 you’ll get access to the first BP for Oracle Database There will be a first bigger Proactive Bundle Patch in July at the usual schedule – but this one is at least a start.

Plus in addition get the OPatch version via patch 6880880.

The BP contains:

First Bundle Patch

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PSU or BP? Patch Set Update or Bundle Patch? RUR or RU?

Well, in my new role as unofficial Junior Product Manager for Patching (just kidding) I get asked once a day (at least!) via email or in customer meetings or workshops: Should we take the PSUs or the BPs? Or RUs or RURs?

Addition: I updated the blog post due to the arrival of the RUs and RURs in Oracle Database are marked in orange.
See. https://mikedietrichde.com/2017/07/19/first-ru-oracle-12-2-0-1-available/

Should we take the PSUs or the BPs? RURs or RUs?

PSUs are Patch Set Updates, BPs are (sometimes called: Proactive) Bundle Patches.
RUs are Release Upgrades which replace

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New SPFILE parameters in Oracle Database with July 2016 (and newer) PSU/BP

New Parameters in Oracle Database with July 2016 PSU/BP

By following an internal discussion and checking parameter changes between Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Proactive Bundle Patches (BP) I learned that we introduced two new SPFILE parameters in Oracle Database with the July PSU and BP. One is documented in the patch readme, the other one can be found right now only in the Oracle Database manual:

The Oracle 12.2 documentation about ALLOW_GROUP_ACCESS_TO_SGA, the parameter which appears not in the Oracle 12.1 documentation right now, says:

ALLOW_GROUP_ACCESS_TO_SGA controls group access to shared memory

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At the DOAG Conference in November in Nürnberg in November 2016 a customer asked me right after my talk about “Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2. – Live and Uncensored” why the DBA_REGISTRY_HISTORY does not get updated when he applies a Bundle Patch and follows all instructions including the “./datapatch -verbose” call.

I was wondering as well and asked him to open an SR. Which he did. And he received the message from Support that it is not supposed to appear in Oracle 12c anymore this way but only in DBA_REGISTRY_SQLPATCH. Now I dug a bit deeper …

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July 2016 – Proactive BPs and PSUs are available

Last night the July 2016 patches got released

Not all of them actually. In case you miss AIX, Intel Solaris and zLinux versions those should be available by Friday, July 22, 2016.

See the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory July 2016 for further details, and especially the Database announcement on MOS.

What’s new, what’s important?

First of all the renaming of DBIM and Exadata Bundle Patches into PROACTIVE BUNDLE PATCHES is now settled in more MOS notes.

2.1 Database patch for Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory renamed to “Proactive Bundle Patch”

Starting from Apr2016 onwards the prior

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Oracle April 2016 PSU and Proactive BPs are there

Hurray, it’s Patching Day!

Sounds a bit like D-Day 😉 But April 19, 2016 the most recent April PSUs (Patch Set Updates) and BPs (Bundle Patches) got released.

Find all the necessary information with the below links:

The important change in the April PSU/BP release:
The database patch for “Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory” luckily got renamed into “Proactive Bundle Patch”. That is not only a rebranding but it should express that we would like to encourage you to apply the Bundle Patches

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