Oracle – June 2017 Bundle Patch is available for Linux

After the removal of the first Oracle Database Bundle Patch in May, the June 2017 Proactive Bundle Patch on Linux got released now:

What’s inside?

The Proactive Bundle Patch contains the June Database Bundle Patch and the June Grid Infrastructure Patch Set Update.

BP June 2017

Proactive Bundle Patch – June 2017 – Linux – Oracle Database

More information about previous and future BPs?

First of all, the well known schedule for BPs (and of course PSUs) will be kept – so please expect the next Proactive Bundle Patch at the regular date in July. My reading of the June (and the removed May) BPs is simply that we wanted to release a regression tested accumulation of important patches and don’t let customers already live or testing with Oracle Database not wait until mid of July.

This Proactive Bundle Patch is available on Linux only. The main July BP (and PSU) will be available on all platforms of course.

Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available


3 thoughts on “Oracle – June 2017 Bundle Patch is available for Linux

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  2. Do you know the reason this non-regular schedule (quarterly) was released in may, pulled, and then re-released in june? Could the changes just not make it for April 2017?

    • Bradd,

      as we released in March the changes couldn’t have made it into an April BP as the code freeze for the April BP was shortly after the release of – and we have to regression test the BPs. But we don’t want to let early adopters wait until July. Therefore those non-reg schedule BPs got released on Linux only. And I can’t say anything about the reason but you shouldn’t worry – two of my customers have the May BP and run without issues (which is expected).


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