Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available

All credits go to Ricardo Maeda as I knew that we’ll release a Bundle Patch for Oracle sometime this week – but I couldn’t find it linked from the usual MOS notes. And please don’t ask my why that is.

Anyhow, with patch 2579308 you’ll get access to the first BP for Oracle Database There will be a first bigger Proactive Bundle Patch in July at the usual schedule – but this one is at least a start.

Patch 2579308 – Oracle

Plus in addition get the OPatch version via patch 6880880.

The BP contains:

First Bundle Patch – Contents: Database BP and GI PSU

Obrigado, Ricardo!


7 thoughts on “Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks a lot for posting this information.
    I was reviewing the readme file and it includes:
    6. Bugs Fixed by This Patch: See My Oracle Support Document 2245135.1

    But I can’t access that note. Maybe it hasn’t been made public yet? Any other way to know the list of issues fixed in that patch?

    • Felipe,

      I checked the internal version of the note but it is Under Edit and should be available soon – but out of my control.

      Cheers and sorry for the inconvenience

  2. Suggestion:

    Any major patch ( eg quarterly ones etc) should contain a copy of the latest OPatch, and existing opatch versions should be able to pick that up and restart. So a typical installation would then be something like:

    $ cd [patch]
    $ opatch apply
    Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
    Copyright (c) 2017, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Newer version of opatch needed to apply this patch, use OPatch found in patch directory ? [y|n] y
    Upgrade ORACLE_HOME opatch with this new opatch as well ? [y|n] y
    Updating opatch…
    Re-starting with new version
    Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
    Copyright (c) 2017, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Is the local system ready ….etc etc

    • Connor,

      in theory I agree – but I had an internal discussion with the responsible people. And there are reasons why the most recent opatch version does not get shipped with the patch.


  3. Hi Mike,

    I noticed this DBP doesnt include ACFS, WLM, however 12R1 did. Is it something expected? Maybe there is nothing to be fixed with ACFS, WLM?

    Cheers, Nariman

    • Nariman,

      my interpretation is that there were no fixes included right now but of course there are fixes for the products you list. Those may be included later.


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