Video: The New Database Release and Patching Model

Video: The New Database Release and Patching ModelThe last Office Hours I’ve run about the New Release and Patching Model didn’t go very well technically. I’ve had screen/display issues. And Steven Feuerstein tried to save the best parts – but despite Steven’s awesome work neither him nor I did really like the result. So I decided that it may be better to record a Video: The New Database Release and Patching Model again (which I actually planned for quite a while already anyway.

Video: The New Database Release and Patching Model

The video is based on the slide deck you’ll find in the Slides download section of the blog:

The New Release and Patching Model

New Release and Patching Model
Updated: April 23, 2018

It’s not perfect yet – but it gives you a short overview about the New Oracle Database Release and Patching Model in less than 30 minutes.

(Uploaded the video now in better resolution – Jul 13, 2018)

Feel free to use the comment section (of the blog please below this post if possible) if you have further questions or doubts.


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8 thoughts on “Video: The New Database Release and Patching Model

  1. Hi Mike. What happens to the DBA certificates (OCP) then? Are they going to expire every year from now on? And since now Oracle release 18c is actually a patchset, does Oracle split 12c DBA certification into 12.1 DBA, DBA and DBA?

    • Alexey,

      I literally have no idea. I did try to get an answer internally but …
      You can please only reach out to the people running the OCP/OCM programs.

      I can just blindly guess – as is 18c and will be 19c – and we’ll consider them together with officially the 12.2 release family, that the certification would be the same and don’t have to be renewed over and over again every year. But this is just my understanding and not an official statement.


  2. Hi Mike,

    Nice video ! For 18c, you mention that there is premier support for 2 years, but your slides show end of patching for 18c is July 2021. That’s three years !

    Can you pls clarify.


    • Naveen,

      I replayed it and I see where I wasn’t clear – the slide shows it correctly but my wording is not straight forward.

      Once Oracle 18c on-prem gets release, from this date on the previous release ( gets at least two years of Premier Support from this date on.
      And the same will happen with 18c when Oracle 19c gets released on-prem.

      Thanks for the hint – and sorry for the confusion 😉


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