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Intel uses AutoUpgrade to upgrade from Oracle to 19c

Funny, I was traveling recently with RAC PM Anil Nair – but he forgot to tell me that this cool story has been published just a few days before we took of for YATRA 2022 to India: Intel uses AutoUpgrade to upgrade from Oracle to 19c. I know that Anil is simply so busy – and my surprise was huge.

What’s the story?

Gagan Singh, Enterprise Architect at Intel, shared it with me last week. The goal was to upgrade from Oracle to Oracle 19c with the least amount of downtime

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Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

The year is almost over and many of you will take off in your well-deserved holidays. At this point it’s not time yet for a 2019 summary or my “Best Records of 2019” list, but to highlight a great success story from Swiss Mobiliar Insurance’s Oracle team.

Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

Photo by Melina Kiefer on Unsplash

Mobiliar Insurance – never heard about them?

There are actually two typical situations when you’ve never heard about Mobiliar Insurance (“Die Mobiliar“) before. You either don’t live in Switzerland and you never visited one of our workshops nor any of the talks Alain Fuhrer and …

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Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases

Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases

You may have read already some stories about our successful collaboration with Switzerland’s most trusted insurer, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance on this blog. But today I can add an official reference story in 3 languages about how Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases.

Reference Story: Mobiliar’s Upgrade Project

And I’m very excited to link the official reference story about Mobiliar’s Upgrade and Multitenant project available in 3 languages:

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Customer Success: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance

In late 2014 I’ve got asked if I’d like to work with Swiss Mobiliar, the oldest Switzerland insurer, on their upgrade project to move almost 300 databases from Oracle to

Swiss Mobiliar 12c

Swiss Mobiliar – Insurance – 300 databases to Oracle 12c

How do such projects start?

Usually we ask the customer upfront to sign a non-binding reference agreement with us. This ensures that we can support a customer in such a project before, during …

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CSX Corporation Upgrades Databases 2x Faster With Oracle Real Application Testing

Wow – one of our reference projects went into the Yahoo Finance webpages. Carol Tagliaferri (my direct manager) worked with CSX, one of the largest US based railway companies, over a longer period together with the RAT team, and helped CSX to successfully upgrade and migrate their database landscape to Oracle Database 11.2.
Plus: We did present about CSX at Oracle Open World 2012 as this project is a perfect showcase for:

(a) an Upgrade project with many databases
(b) over a longer period of time
(c) using Real Application Testing decreasing the testing effort by factors!

Read the published

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AIB – Allied Irish Banks – Upgrade Success

Just a quick note on Allied Irish Banks (AIB), a customer colleagues and I did work with on their upgrade and migration to Oracle Database 11.2  They’ve done a tremendous job and finally were present at OOW 2012 in San Francisco. Mina, my presales colleague from Oracle Ireland, gave me heads up about the short videos they’ve produced in SF with the AIB folks now being available on

1- Allied Irish Bank Transforms Business With Oracle

2- Allied Irish Bank Consolidates to an Oracle Private Cloud


Continue reading... Upgraded China’s Busiest Data Warehouse to a 20 Node Database Cluster

2010_03_03_Shenzhen2.jpg is Asia’s largest online shopping Web site. The company has a 70% share of the online market in China. More than 110 million registered members purchased goods and services worth US$14.7 billion (RMB 99.96 billion) in 2008. has used Oracle Database and clusterware products since 2004, building an enterprise data warehouse to process and analyze business and customer data.
The company recently upgraded from Oracle Database 10g with Real Application Clusters to Oracle Database 11g with Real Application Clusters. As part of the upgrade, deployed a 20-node database cluster to improve data processing speed. …

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China Mobile Group (Henan) Improves Data Processing Speed by 40%


“We experienced significant improvements in performance for our Business Analysis Support System after we upgraded to Oracle 11g. We can run queries against a 300TB database and receive responses in seconds. This ensures our staff and managers always have the customer, network, sales, and other business information they need to make decisions or develop business plans.” –
Guo Qiang, Second Class Technology Specialist, Business Support Center, China Mobile Communications Group Henan Mobile Co., Ltd

Unfortunately the Full Story is not available anymore on how China Mobile Group (Henan) upgraded to a four-node database cluster that delivered a 40% improvement

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