Intel uses AutoUpgrade to upgrade from Oracle to 19c

Funny, I was traveling recently with RAC PM Anil Nair – but he forgot to tell me that this cool story has been published just a few days before we took of for YATRA 2022 to India: Intel uses AutoUpgrade to upgrade from Oracle to 19c. I know that Anil is simply so busy – and my surprise was huge.

What’s the story?

Gagan Singh, Enterprise Architect at Intel, shared it with me last week. The goal was to upgrade from Oracle to Oracle 19c with the least amount of downtime to minimize the impact on factory operations. Oracle ACS and the RAC PM team were involved in this project.

If you are interested then please read on here:

  • Intel upgrades mission critical database to Oracle 19c & improves application performance with Oracle RAC
    (Link is currently inactive and will be re-established once the story got republished)

We were happy to see and read how AutoUpgrade Tool got used by the teams in this case.

Congrats to the team at Intel, and of course to the ACS and RAC PM team as well!


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