Upgraded China’s Busiest Data Warehouse to a 20 Node Database Cluster

2010_03_03_Shenzhen2.jpg is Asia’s largest online shopping Web site. The company has a 70% share of the online market in China. More than 110 million registered members purchased goods and services worth US$14.7 billion (RMB 99.96 billion) in 2008. has used Oracle Database and clusterware products since 2004, building an enterprise data warehouse to process and analyze business and customer data.
The company recently upgraded from Oracle Database 10g with Real Application Clusters to Oracle Database 11g with Real Application Clusters. As part of the upgrade, deployed a 20-node database cluster to improve data processing speed. This has enabled the company to cut the time required to run reports from days to minutes and, in some cases, to near real time. The 30-terabyte data warehouse processes hundreds of millions of transactions daily, making it one of China’s busiest and most powerful applications.

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