Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases

Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases

You may have read already some stories about our successful collaboration with Switzerland’s most trusted insurer, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance on this blog. But today I can add an official reference story in 3 languages about how Swiss Mobiliar Boosts Performance by Upgrading its Oracle Databases.

Reference Story: Mobiliar’s Upgrade Project

And I’m very excited to link the official reference story about Mobiliar’s Upgrade and Multitenant project available in 3 languages:

Congratulations to the Team

Congratulations to a fantastic team at Swiss Mobiliar. As you may know from our talks, they achieved all this with a very small but motivated team. Tasks are spread equally between team members based on skills and strengths, and automated where possible. There’s no discussion about the death of the DBA or DBA 2.0 as there’s always a new thing to learn about and to implement to make their IT operations more agile and keep it as efficient as possible. Paolo Kreth, the team manager held a very inspiring and refreshing presentation about team spirit at the German Oracle User Group Conference in 2017, explaining openly how the team morphed from a wild bunch of egos into a tight-knit community within a dozen months.

Further Information

You find more information on this blog:

And please read more about the projects and experiences at Swiss Mobiliar at Mobi’s own tech blog – it’s worth it:

Congrats to a fantastic team! And thanks to Dimitry Dolgushin from the Oracle reference team as well! And of course to the entire Database Upgrade team, my managers and my colleagues in Switzerland, Nashua and Redwood Shores!!!


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