Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

The year is almost over and many of you will take off in your well-deserved holidays. At this point it’s not time yet for a 2019 summary or my “Best Records of 2019” list, but to highlight a great success story from Swiss Mobiliar Insurance’s Oracle team.

Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

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Mobiliar Insurance – never heard about them?

There are actually two typical situations when you’ve never heard about Mobiliar Insurance (“Die Mobiliar“) before. You either don’t live in Switzerland and you never visited one of our workshops nor any of the talks Alain Fuhrer and his team mates held at various user group events. Never mind, I work with the team am Die Mobiliar for many years since the upgrade project lifting >250 databases from to You can still find the slides in our big slide deck. In the next stage, Mobiliar introduced Oracle Multitenant internally – with great success. The developers liked it a lot. With their self-written DBaaS APEX app, developers could now provision, adjust and destroy PDBs within seconds. A big improvement leading to an agile environment. Mobiliar Insurance is a long-year official Oracle reference customer not only for the database and upgrades, but also for Oracle Multitenant and Oracle In-Memory.

How Mobiliar consolidated >350 PDBs to a new Exadata

I visited the team onsite in early October. And Alain Fuhrer, the team manager told me that they have reached 100% PDB consolidation now. I was very surprised. Not for the first time, the team is really great and automates most tasks wherever possible. I learned so much from these guys and look forward to visit them soon again. Then we’ll approach the upgrade to Oracle 19c with the AutoUpgrade.

But the reason for my blog post is not only to praise the progress and developments Mobiliar has achieved. Instead I’d like to highlight and recommend you to read Alain Fuhrer’s blog post about how they moved >350 PDBs to a new Exadata overnight fully automated in less than 6 hours.

Please read Alain’s blog post here on the MobiliarBlog:

Congratulations! Very well done, guys!

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