Your chance – in-person Oracle 23c upgrade workshops in Warsaw and Munich

We have a rare offer for you. Not Santa but Daniel and I are coming to town. So, this is your chance – in-person Oracle 23c upgrade workshops in Warsaw and Munich. You are signing up for a packed day of tech. No marketing slides – just facts and features, not only Oracle Database 23c, the new upcoming long-term support release. But certainly we’ll have enough for all those you are just in the process of moving to Oracle Database 19c.


We are absolutely excited to offer you a full-day in-person all-tech …

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DOAG Conference 2022 is next week already

I’m scared – time flies so quickly. Yesterday evening I returned from vacation, and this morning I spoke to Daniel and we both realized: There is only one week to go since DOAG Conference 2022 is next week already. Yes, in September 2022. Not as usually in November – September it will be this year. And we hope to see you there next week in my hometown, Nürnberg for another great DOAG conference.

DOAG Conference 2022 is next week already


Tuesday will be a theme day this year – and we’ll have two talks there. We? Yes, Daniel and I will do all sessions together this …

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DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint

Nürnberg and München are just 175 km away from each other, a bit more than 1 hour by train. Still I felt a post-conference blues already when I boarded the ICE train yesterday to head back to the south. It was an awesome conference – again. Except for one thing which I will write about below. So here’s my report on DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint.

DOAG 2019 - Recap and a personal complaint

Photo by Philippe Mignot on Unsplash

DOAG 2019 – What an agenda

I knew it before already. But my VP, Roy Swonger, visited DOAG Conference in Nürnberg for the first time. …

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DOAG Conference 2019 – Our talks in Nürnberg next week

Time flies so quickly. And in case you wondered about the silence on the blog and on twitter, I was either traveling the past weeks or on holidays. But it’s November. And November is DOAG conference month. So please find an overview about DOAG Conference 2019 – Our talks in Nürnberg next week.

DOAG Conference 2019 - Our talks in Nürnberg next week

DOAG – When, where, why?

Actually DOAG (German Oracle User Group) conference is one of the most important events for me every year. Not only because since far over a decade in my hometown, Nürnberg, Franconia, but for me it means meeting with a lot of …

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SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016 – Recap + Slides

The past weeks were very intense. I’ve been to Japan for customer meetings and a Dev Day and an internal workshop, then on to China for an internal training, then to India for SANGAM conference and afterwards to Nürnberg for DOAG, the German Oracle User’s Group conference. And UKOUG is just in two weeks …

You’ll find the slides of my talks here:

and in the Slides Download Center.

Thanks again to the organizers of SANGAM and DOAG for such i…

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SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016

The upcoming weeks will involve a lot of travel 😉

I’m looking forward to present at SANGAM Conference in Bangalore, India on Nov 11 and 12 for the first time.

I will have two sessions at SANGAM:

There are so many interesting talks in the agenda (please click here) – the organizers have done a fantastic job.

Then I’m heading straight back to present at the German Oracle User Group Conference (DOAG) for the … let me think … 14th (?) time. So no time for jet lag. And glad that it will be a home match again …

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Upcoming Upgrade Workshops Jan/Feb 2015

The new year will start with a good bunch of Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshops in Japan, USA, Canada and Europe:

January 20, 2015
Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar
including Hands-On for Partners
by invitation only
February 04, 2015
Irving (Dallas), TX
Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar – Dallas
February 05, 2015
Houston, TX
Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar – Houston
February 09, 2015
Oracle 12c Database Upgrade Seminar – Bratislava
February 10, 2015
Oracle 12c Upgrade Seminar Budapest
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Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!

No tech stuff this morning 🙂

I’m still so exited. It was a true thriller yesterday with 127 minutes of suspense, fights and even blood – and chances on both sides. But overall I think Germany was the better team not only yesterday but throughout the entire tournament. Last time when Germany became Weltmeister (World Champion) in Italy in 1990 I was in Turkey on after-school-vacation celebrating a win over … well, Argentina 🙂

And this time I watched the match again with friends in an Italian restaurant in Munich – and the best team of the World Cup 2014

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LOCATION UPGRADE +++ Hamburg +++ May 15, 2014

My colleagues did an awesome job inviting so many people to our workshop in Hamburg next week. Therefore Marketing now moved it from the Oracle Office in HH to the following address:

Rahlstedter Straße 78
22149 Hamburg

Registration will start at 9am, workshop begin is at 9:30am – and we’ll end straight at 4:30pm to catch our flight back to Munich. So please try to stay in time 😉

Looking forward to see you all next week 🙂

– Roy & Mike…

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Upgrade Workshops – Locations

Dear all,

unfortunately somebody has missed to add the locations to the registrations page – and if you follow the Google Maps links you may drive apparently to a McDonalds burger place instead of the correct location (at least they’ll offer free WLAN).

So please find the updated locations here – and enter the registration by clicking on the location/date directly.

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