Slides and Recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

Thanks for your patience. I have received a good amount of calls, emails and messages in the past weeks when the slides for DOAG and UKOUG will be available. And they are now including the “New Release and Patching Model” talk. Find slides and recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017 here. Recap DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017 Wow – the year is almost over. Time flies. Time for a quick recap of the last two conferences I attended and spoke at in 2017: DOAG and UKOUG. DOAG 2017 DOAG (German Oracle User Group Conference) is always very special to…

Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Slides are available

The workshops in Brussels and Utrecht were awesome with great audience – I enjoyed both events a lot. And thanks for your patience with my voice and the microphone issues we’ve had in Brussels before lunch. I promised the workshop slides – and here they are, ready for download: Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2 and the Cloud Please be aware: It’s the first drop of the slides, not everything has been updated yet for Oracle Database 12.2, and of course there are no 12.2 customer examples in the slides yet. But as usual, if you plan to…

SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016 – Recap + Slides

The past weeks were very intense. I’ve been to Japan for customer meetings and a Dev Day and an internal workshop, then on to China for an internal training, then to India for SANGAM conference and afterwards to Nürnberg for DOAG, the German Oracle User’s Group conference. And UKOUG is just in two weeks … You’ll find the slides of my talks here: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c – Live and Uncensored How to Ensure Performance Stability when Upgrading Oracle Databases and in the Slides Download Center. Thanks again to the organizers of SANGAM and DOAG for such intense conferences…

Recap – OTN Tour EMEA – Baku, Azerbaijan – 2016

Working on a Saturday is not common for me but happens from time to time mostly when I travel abroad or when a customer has a critical upgrade or migration on a weekend. Having 120 skilled and enthusiastic people in a conference day on a Saturday is VERY UNCOMMON. And having them stay from 9am to 6pm is a sign that the selection of topics fit the interest of the audience – and the presenters got their attention the entire day. Please find the slides and the Hands-On-Lab here: Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading Oracle Databases Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate to…

Recap – OTN Tour EMEA – Milano, Italy – 2016

Thanks for this excellent day yesterday in Milano for the OTN EMEA Tour 2016. What a great audience, excellent speakers covering a broad spectrum – and also a perfect organization. In case you need the slides please find them here (or many more including the Hands-On-Lab) in the Slides Download Center to your right (scroll down a bit): Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading Oracle Databases How Oracle Single-Tenant will change a DBA’s life (currently minus the 12.2 slides) I’m looking forward to Baku, Azerbaijan now – but I hope as well that the Italian User Group will stay now more…

UKOUG Tech 2015 – Summary & Slides

My first UKOUG Conference is over. Actually it was over yesterday already for me as I had to head back to Germany. I would have loved to stay a bit longer and pick more of the many excellent presentations. I visited a few – and all of them were great. It was a tough choice as there were too many interesting things going on at the same time. Only finding the right room was sometimes a bit of a challenge 😉 And I would like to have met more and talked to more people. But time was very limited. I…

New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Good news – finally we publish a new version of our big upgrade/migrate/consolidate slide deck: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c And don’t be scared – we reached now the 600 slide count 😉 New topics included (and subject to more extension within the next weeks) are: Why you seriously can’t wait for Oracle Database Unicode Migration with DMU Migrate into the Cloud  Single Tenant RMAN incremental backups speeding up Full Transportable Export/Import and many more … Sorry that we didn’t keep track in the “Change Log” at the end of the deck. But there were simply too…

New version of the BIG 12c SLIDE DECK available

I’m not on vacation right now. I’m just very busy traveling between customer onsite visits, customer meetings and workshops, internal and external workshops, testing sessions … and so on … A lot of stuff has been stacked up in my inbox regarding changes in Oracle 12c, changed behavior – and thanks for your inputs. I will blog on it as soon as I have understood the issue and the solution – so plenty of stuff should come in the next weeks 😉 Just end of last week Roy and I uploaded a new version of our BIG slide deck –…

REPLAY and Slides for Webcast “Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c” for ISVs/Partners – Apr 2015

Thanks for attending today’s webcast about “Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c – and why you should upgrade”. Please access the slides via this link: Webcast Slides – Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c And for those who couldn’t participate here’s the replay of the 45 minute Webcast: REPLAY Webcast “Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c” Thanks 🙂 –Mike  

New Slide Decks Uploaded:
Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c and
Parallel Multitenant Upgrade Internals

It’s time for a few updates and slide uploads 🙂 And thanks again to all the great people in Madrid earlier this week. It was a fantastic day – I enjoyed it a lot and wish you all successful upgrades and migrations 🙂 What’s new? A refreshed version of our huge Oracle Database 12c “Upgrade, Migrate & Consilidate” slide deck. Now with 530 slides – kudos to Tom Kyte who gave me a lot of food for thought after his excellent talk at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 TOKYO. I had to add a few slides later on making it…

Slides for the OTN LAOUC 2014 Tour

Roy has done the OTN Tour 2014 in Brazil, Peru and Chile this week – and I will fly out on the weekend towards Argentina to present at the OTN Tour in Buenos Aires, and afterwards in Montevideo in Uruguay. In case you would like to download the slide decks (even though we would recommend to download the big slide deck) please find them in the Slides Download Center to the right. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Upgrades Multitenant in the Real World Data Pump News 12c CU next week (if I can unfold my legs after an almost 14 hour flight with…

New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Oh … it took a while … but we’ve tried to include a bit of the new Oracle Database stuff into the slides. And we had to refresh them to the new template which looks nice but is a bit strange to handle 😉 So please find the new revised slide deck about: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c ready for download. -Roy & Mike

New Version of Slide Deck available:
Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

Finally … we refreshed our entire Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c slide deck. And hey, it has not even 460 slides right now 😉 We changed a lot – not only the format to 16×9 but also a lot of the content. It’s not entirely 12c – so everybody interested still in Oracle Database 11.2 will find a lot of useful information in it. Click on the slide to download the entire presentation as PDF Download it from this location: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c [30MB PDF] -Mike PS: Roy and I are both…

New version of the huge Upgrade to 11.2 slides uploaded

It took a while to create a new and corrected version of the huge (sorry … now over 500 slides) Upgrade and Migration to Oracle Database 11.2 slide deck. But you’ll find it to the right in the Slides Download Center. As we will start with a new deck for the upcoming Oracle Database 12c slide set the old one may not see changes anymore from now on. And thanks a lot to everybody who has been helped to correct typos, syntax or naming errors and highlighted topics or misbehavior of the database we haven’t seen before 🙂 -M.

Behaviour Changes Oracle 8i to 11.2 + New Features Oracle 11.2 + refreshed Upgrade and Migration Slides

We have uploaded refreshed and new slide sets: Refreshed: Upgrade and Migration to Oracle Database 11.2 New: Oracle Database 11.2 New Features Overview New: Behaviour Changes between Oracle 8i and Oracle 11.2 Please note: This is not a 100% complete summary but it will give you a rough overview about parameter and dictionary changes from release to release plus a summary of documented behaviour changes. Sources were the release notes, the documentation, MOS notes and some others.

New version of the slides “Upgrade & Migrate to Oracle Database 11.2” available for download now

A new and revised version of the slides for the Upgrade & Migrate to Oracle Database 11.2 is available now for download including some corrections and additions. The Japanese version of the slides for today’s workshop in Osaka will follow soon. おおきに!

New version of the upgrade slides available

Sorry for not posting for some weeks now. Our blog admins discovered a bug in the MovableType blog software we are using which prevents direct updates or access to the comments. So if you have commented especially on the VM topic I have read your comments and I’ll approve them as soon as the admin part of MovableType will work again. Besides that Roy and me uploaded a new version of the slides last week: See and use the keyword “upgrade112” (fill it in into the empty field tagged with Schluesselwort. Thanks for your patience! Mike

Recent uploaded slides for the Upgrade Talks last week

Welcome 2011 🙂 And here you’ll find the newest talks Carol, Roy and Brian delivered last week in several cities (please find the also in the DOWNLOAD SLIDES section on the right side of this blog): Upgrade Methods and Upgrade Planning: and use the keyword: roy2011 +500 Slides Upgrade Workshop Presentation:and use the keyword (Schlüsselwort): upgrade112 Hope you had a nice weekend and wonderful weather, too, as we had yesterday south of Munich. Starnberg Lake – View towards the Alps      

DOAG Presentation available here – in German :-)

Just in case you’ve visited one of my two presentations today about “Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – Tipps & Tricks” (slides are in German) – or just in case you’ve missed it, you’ll be able to download the slides here: Use the keyword (Schluesselwort): DOAG2009 Thanks again – as always a pleasure to meet you all at the annual DOAG conference!!