Are BPs, PSUs and Proactive BPs cumulative?

Are Bundle Patches (BPs) and Patch Set Updates (PSUs) cumulative?

That is a question sounding trivial to many people but actually it does get asked quite often. And sometimes I forget to mention this during the workshops – and luckily usually somebody asks the question reminding me to explain it.

Yes, Bundle Patches and Patch Set Updates (and of course Proactive Bundle Patches and Critical/Security Patch Updates (CPUs/SPUs) are all cumulative.

You’ll find this mentioned in the first paragraph of MOS Note: 854428.1 – Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products:

Interesting note on the side:
I would have expected this important piece of information in MOS Note:1962125.1 – Oracle Database – Overview of
Database Patch Delivery Methods
but I couldn’t find it. So it’s no wonder why people ask such a trivial question … [irony!]

Two simple examples:

  • You have the October 2015 PSU applied
  • You’d like to apply the April 2016 PSU on top
    • Then you don’t need the January 2016 PSU as it is included in the April 2016 PSU already
  • You never applied a Procative Bundle Patch
  • You’d like to apply the April 2016 Proactive Bundle because a guy recommended it on an Oracle blog – and actually MOS notes mention it as well as highly recommended
    • You don’t need to apply anything beforehand.
      The April 2016 Proactive BP has all the fixes from all previous BPs included on top of Oracle Database


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2 thoughts on “Are BPs, PSUs and Proactive BPs cumulative?

  1. Hi Mike
    My answer to your questions if the PSUs are cumulative is: it depends. For example when I have more than one instance running on a host and want to patch them instance by instance,I install the Oracle RDBMS software in a new home and apply there the newest PSU. When I change the ORACLE_HOME for a database to this one brand new and updated home and start datapatch, then datapatch does not run because there are some missing SQL to rollback from previous releases. The solution from MOS is: copy the missing SQL from the old ORACLE_HOME to the new path and run datapatch again. Why not to include all the previous SQL in a PSU too so that such a move is working without copy some files?

    Best regards, Martin

  2. Martin,

    actually you (as usual) raise to very important things:

    (a) I completely neglected the factor of having dual-homes to decrease the downtime.
    (b) Why is the SQL code not included?

    For the latter I have an idea – and I can try to raise this to the right people. But actually your word as a customer is way higher valued than mine. Therefore I will forward your comment and suggestion to the approoriate people.


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