Oracle January 2016 CPU PSU BP available now – BE AWARE OF CHANGES IN PATCH NUMBERING

Last night the PSUs and BPs for January 2016 have been made available for download on

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory – January 2016 

It contains 248 security fixes across all products and platforms. And of course important non-security fixes – and that’s why we recommend to apply the PSUs (or the BPs in case you are on Exadata or an Oracle In-Memory user) as soon as possible.

Change in Patch Numbering

Please be aware that as of November 2015 there’s been a change in patch numbering introduced which most of you may not be aware of. A database PSU was named before (or I used to call it before to make clear that a PSU and not a BP has been applied). But the new notation will change the 5th digit to a 6-digit-number to include the date. See MOS Note:2061926.1 for details.


  • Before: Oracle Database 12c PSU October 2015 …
  • Now: Oracle Database 12c PSU January 2016 …

More Information? 

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13 thoughts on “Oracle January 2016 CPU PSU BP available now – BE AWARE OF CHANGES IN PATCH NUMBERING

  1. 160119 is an international dat format not us.
    YYMMDD (or YYYYMMDD) is international.
    MMDDYY (or MMDDYYYY) are us.

    Cheers Tonny.

  2. Hi Mike ,
    Our 12c production environment has 2 databases prod1 and prod2(same Oracle Home).
    PSU 5 was applied but only prod1 was datapatched.
    What about prod2 , is it in hybrid situation ?
    Is it normal to patch only kernel and not instance (datapatch) ?

  3. Mike,
    The January 2016 BP is not available as QFSDP for Exadata as yet. Do you happen to know if there is always a delay in QFSDP availability? I am looking at MOS Doc ID 888828.1 and there is no mention of Jan 2016 QFSDP.


  4. Hi,

    This patch p22310559_121020_WINNT is not applicable for Oracle SE2

    I still could not see any latest windows patch for Oracle SE2

    Please let me know if there are any latest patch.

    The only that I have apply is the full version of patch set p21419221_121020_MSWIN-x86-64.

  5. Hi,

    Tried to apply the Oracle Database 12c PSU January 2016 … into our Oracle SE2.

    Verifying environment and performing prerequisite checks…
    Prerequisite check "CheckPatchApplicableOnCurrentPlatform" failed.
    The details are:
    Patch ( 22310559 ) is not applicable on current platform.
    Platform ID needed is : 233
    Platform IDs supported by patch are: 215 207 912 100

    Why the reason this patch for is not for Oracle SE2?

  6. Steven,

    I feel very sorry when reading about your approach. Please log an SR immediately as this IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. I can only guess that it is a problem in the patches metadata.

    As far as my understanding goes that PSU must be applicable on SE2 as well as there are no specific patch set updates built for SE2.

    Sorry for all the inconvenience – that is not funny …


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