Oracle Database BP April16 applied successfully

Usually I don’t post twice a day but as my post scriptum for the previous blog post got longer and longer I decided to write an entry about it – maybe simply because I feel soooo happy that my patch application succeeded flawless.

For many of you the following steps may look very boring as you have done this many times. But I use the blog also to brain-dump information for myself 😉 And for those who’d like to play with it, I summarized the steps fitting exactly into our Hands-On-Lab environment.


I downloaded the following patches:


Then unzipped the patch into an empty directory and OPatch directly into the $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch directory in my home.  As I run everything in our HOL environment (download it here) I stored the files on my local host and mapped the directories via a VBox shared folder.

  • BP into: /media/sf_CTEMP/22899531/22899531/
  • OPatch into: unzip <OPATCH-ZIP> -d <ORACLE_HOME>


Not sure if the 2nd conflict check was really necessary as it is a CRS patch.

  • System Space Check
    • Created a file /tmp/patch_list_dbhome.txt with the following content:
    • Run opatch to check if enough free space is available in the Database Home:
      $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch prereq CheckSystemSpace -phBaseFile /tmp/patch_list_dbhome.txt

My first attempt failed – I had to clean up a bit.

After I removed a bit of stuff (I actually deleted the home with $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall/deinstall after switching to the environment with . cdb1 in the HOL environment) I could install the BP.

Patch Installation

Here it struck me a bit that the logical layout of the patches readme is still very misleading. I was scrolling up and down to find the section for “Database Home only” install but realized that is is still buried under Patching Oracle RAC Database Homes and GI Together which does not make much sense. Anyhow, I stopped arguing with the owners.

The section I’m interested in here is under Case 3: Non-Oracle RAC Database homes.

  • Shutdown my database(s) and my listener – in the lab env this means:
    • . cdb2
      sqlplus / as sysdba
      SQL> shutdown immediate
      SQL> exit
      lsnrctl stop


  • Add OPatch to the PATH
    • export PATH=$PATH:/u01/app/oracle/product/
  • Switch to the patches directory and apply the BP
    • cd /media/sf_CTEMP/22899531/22899531/22806133
      opatch apply

And after a while …

SQL Changes 

Almost done. But don’t forget to run ./datapatch -verbose afterwards – see the readme’s section:

2.6.2 Loading Modified SQL Files into the Database

As it is a Multitenant database in my case I’ll have to start the database and the listener first, then start all pluggable databases:

    . cdb2
    sqlplus / as sysdba
    SQL> startup
    SQL> alter pluggable database all open;
    SQL> exit
    lsnrctl start
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch
    ./datapatch -verbose

And finally …

… after another little while …



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