Oracle April 2016 PSU and Proactive BPs are there

Hurray, it’s Patching Day!

Sounds a bit like D-Day 😉 But April 19, 2016 the most recent April PSUs (Patch Set Updates) and BPs (Bundle Patches) got released.

Find all the necessary information with the below links:

The important change in the April PSU/BP release:
The database patch for “Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory” luckily got renamed into “Proactive Bundle Patch”. That is not only a rebranding but it should express that we would like to encourage you to apply the Bundle Patches
instead of the PSUs. Simple reason is that the BPs will contain optimizer fixes.

In the MOS Note: 2102148.1 (Patch Set Update and Critical Patch
Update April 2016 Availability Document)
you’ll find a section 3.1.4 linking to the database patches.

This is the recommended one for Oracle Database

  • Database Proactive Bundle Patch (Apr2016) Patch 22899531,

But right now it is available for Linux-x86-64, zLinux and Intel Solaris only. Not sure when the others will get released. Please find links to the regular PSUs and other ports and releases such as and Windows etc in the above MOS Note: 2102148.1.

This is the list of fixes included in this Bundle Patch:

And don’t worry about the name – I found out yesterday that not all MOS Notes have adopted the new naming convention to rename “Bundle Patches for Engineeered Systems and DB In-Memory” which was very misleading anyway into the new “Proactive Bundle Patches” naming. This may take a few additional days I’d guess …

I will download it right now and patch my HOL environment.

And as usual don’t forget the most recent version of opatch (Patch 6880880).

opatch download MOS


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35 thoughts on “Oracle April 2016 PSU and Proactive BPs are there

  1. Mike,

    thank you for this good news. Hoefully it will reduce the list of one-off patches we non-Engineered DBAs needed to collect and check every time.
    Unfortunately some MOS Notes (e.g. Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues (Doc ID 1683799.1) ) still claim 22899531 as " Bundle Patch for Engineered Systems and DB In-Memory (Apr 2016)" – which can be very confusing.


  2. Martin,

    that’s why I wrote above:
    "And don’t worry about the name – I found out yesterday that not all MOS Notes have adopted the new naming convention to rename "Bundle Patches for Engineeered Systems and DB In-Memory" which was very misleading anyway into the new "Proactive Bundle Patches" naming. This may take a few additional days I’d guess …"

    I have asked to change it already a week ago. Sent a reminder today as well as it’s a bit confusing 😉


  3. PSUs are cummulative – everything from previours PSUs on this release is included as you may see also from the readme or the patch download page on MOS 🙂


    PS: Same applies to BPs and SPUs/CPUs of course as well.

  4. Hi Mike,

    even after 20+ years of patching Oracle RDBMS’s, I still hope someday Oracle patching woodo will be less messy as it is now, mostly due to the constant Oracle fiddling with the nomenclature. (Fortunately, Oracle also employs you. 🙂

    You posted a good hint about MOS note "(Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets (Doc ID 1454618.1). It would be even better and less confusing note if note also includes links to "bundles" for Linux/Unix as well. Someone reading this (otherwise splendid) note would think that that is all that it is available.


  5. Alex,

    my colleagues listened to your and my advice 🙂

    Please have a look at:
    MOS Note:1454618.1 ( Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets)

    It has now a column for the Proactive Bundle Patches as the previous "Bundle Patches" were for Win only – which could be easily over read (by myself as well) in the headline of the column.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your input!!


  6. Mike, is the "Proactive Bundle Patch" only for Exadata engineered systems?

    And then the "GI PSU" for RAC systems (not on Exadata)?

    And the regular "PSU" patch would be for non-Exadata, non-RAC systems?

  7. Xabier,

    I think during the installation the PSU will be removed – or you have to call opatch first to remove the PSU.

    You can’t "jump" from one track to another directly but actually the removal process takes just a few minutes so personally I don’t see this is a big issue.

    Cheers and thanks for asking!

  8. Hello Mike,

    we run into an issue with DBBP (if you try to clone OH w/DBBP to the environment with PSU, it won’t work) and opened an SR and got the reply which contradicts your recommendations:

    Proactive bundle patches (DBBP) are for Engineered Systems and Database In-
    Memory environments in other words Exadata environments. If you don’t this kind
    of environment a proactive bundle patch would not be recommended.

  9. Timur,

    I know these types of response from Oracle Support. We are internally working on some sort of clear communication (since March actually). I hope it will be clarified soon to everybody as (including myself) many people use the BPs for a reason. And as they are available not only for Engineered Systems but also on Solaris or AIX there’s no reason for such statements.

    I have the written statement from the responsible VP about that change.

    Sorry for the inconvenience – and don’t get angry with the Support people. It will take a while …


  10. Hi Mike,

    Is it significant that you didn’t mention Linux x86-64?
    Is DBBP also recommended for those environments?

  11. Jay,

    no – and thanks for asking.
    The Proactive Bundle Patches are recommended on all platforms regardless of using DBIM or having an Engineered System or anything else 🙂


  12. Hi Mike,

    Do you know if we still need to apply the 22738641 separately on GI before applying the Proactive Bundle Patch on the DB?

    Our environment is an (GI & DB) which is being upgraded to and we intend to have the latest patches (APR2016, at this moment) on it.


  13. Babak,

    actually first of all: July 19th is the next patch day for the most recent PSU and BP – just to be aware.

    Second, you can have different PSU or BP levels with GI and the database homes it is managing. "Different" means that GI can of course be higher but also lower – but only with the PSU and BP level, not as the general patch level.

    E.g., GI with DB is possible. Whereas GI with DB is not possible.

    Not sure if I answered your question as the patch 22738641 is the COMBO OF OJVM COMPONENT DBPSU + GIPSU (APR2016). If you’d ask an experience Oracle ACS Engieer the answer may be most likely: Please do it separately and don’t take the COMBOs combining GI and DB. Just heard this from one of the most experienced ACS engineers we have in Oracle Germany a day ago. But I’m really not experienced enough to give you a reliable answer.


  14. Hi Mike

    I run a certain amount of databases "Non Exadata Non RAC". Until APR2016 there was a choice between the JavaVM Component 22674709, the PSU 22291127 and the COMBO of both: 22738582. I got the last one and my work was done.

    I have hopeful waited till the next patch day. It’s just confusing. Doc ID 756671.1 shows now 5 patches:
    the Combos of OJVM PSU (DBBP and DB PSU – Patch:23615334/23615289), the Proactive Bundle Patch (PB), GI PSU and OJVM PSU.
    I tried PB 23273686, obeyed the README and installed only 23144544 and 23520664 on a patched OH "APR2016". A lot of sub-patches were installed, also old ones:19877336 (why?).

    OJVM PSU "Patch 23177536" is not part of the Combos nor the PB, but all Bug No 19245191 are listed in the PB – opatch2016-07-28_07-20-14AM_1.log.

    What is the suitable way for patching? Only PB or continue with one of the COMBOs plus OJVM PSU? PB plus OJVM PSU, all of them…no

    Why ORACLE is so desperate confusing?


  15. Hi Mike,

    the PSU made a difference between GI home and DB home and so two versions have been made available (even though the GI PSU did contain also the DB PSU).

    But the BP does not make this difference. So what to apply in the GI home? The very same BP as I should apply to the DB home?

    And is the BP also suitable for client homes?


    PS: All the communication regarding PSUs & BP and what is the recommended path to go is extremly confusing. Even the support engineers struggled with that topic.

  16. Hi Bernie,

    thanks for your message – and let’s sort this out (I hope I can clarify it – otherwise please reply as soon as you read this).

    (1) The patches offered in the July patching round for non-Exa/non-RAC:

    Document Description Rolling RAC Patch Download
    Note:23615334.8 Combo of OJVM PSU and DBBP (Jul 2016) Part Patch:23615334
    Note:23615289.8 Combo of OJVM PSU and DB PSU (Jul 2016) Part Patch:23615289
    Note:23273686.8 Database Proactive Bundle Patch (Jul 2016) Yes Patch:23273686
    Note:23177536.8 Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU (Jul 2016) (OJVM PSU) No Patch:23177536
    Note:23054246.8 (Jul 2016) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU) Yes Patch:23054246

    Now you took the:
    Note:23273686.8 Database Proactive Bundle Patch (Jul 2016)
    which is the Proactive BP – it is Fully Rolling Installable – thus no OJVM included. It is not the Combo, it is the Proactive BP only (the one I recommend as well as long as you don’t actively use OJVM in your database).

    Now the BIG QUESTION is:
    Did you intentionally install the Proactive Bundle Patch?

    From your message I could just assume that you wanted to get the COMBO with the PSU and the OJVM. This would have been:
    Combo of OJVM PSU and DB PSU (Jul 2016)

    Just let me know what your intention was so we can further clarify this asap 🙂

    Sorry for the inconvenience – I’d wish that patching would be easier sometimes …!


  17. @Robert:

    I know, I delivery two trainings last week mostly support people and not everybody is familiar with the changes and directions.

    Regarding your question:
    Please see in MOS Note:1683799.1 – Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues
    the table describing all the patch options. In your case it is the section headlined by "Non Exadata Real Application Clusters (RAC)".

    Then you’ll find 5 patch options.

    23615334 ==> Database Proactive Bundle Patch + OJVM (no GI)
    23615308 ==> Database PSU + GI PSU + OJVM
    23273686 ==> Database Proactive BP + GI PSU (no OJVM)
    23273629 ==> Database PSU + GI PSU + OJVM
    23177536 ==> OJVM Database PSU only

    Especially the 23273686 is somewhat unclear to understand as it says: " Database Proactive Bundle Patch (Jul 2016)" which as a naive person (which I am) would silently assume it contained only the DB BP. But it’s under the RAC section and therefore it contains the GI PSU as well.
    When I look up the contents via the readme it tells me that "OCW PSU" is included as well. OCW is Oracle Cluster Ware.

    And further down the road 23273629 is also not clear as it says only something about the OJVM mitigation patch (which actually should allow you to patch without downtime) but the readme does not tell you anything about OJVM patch being included – and the base note 1683799.1 tells me it is NON ROLLING (which for me is the indication that OJVM is included).

    I don’t know who created this chaos. It should be much more simple and obvious. I promise that I will drop emails to the people I know in that area. But I can promise that it will be changed with a "click".

    Sorry for all the inconvenience … 🙁


  18. @Mike,

    the RAC wording is what is confusing me, as I do not run RAC (did not clarify it) but Oracle Restart: Single Instance DBs + GI/ASM. But I guess the same applies there.


  19. @Robert:

    Yes, you are right – this is slightly misleading.
    But Single Instance HA (using clusterware with Single Instance but ASM thus Grid Infrastructure) means that you’ll have to look into the "non Exa / RAC" section as otherwise you’ll miss the Grid Infrastructure (or Oracle Clusterware – OCW) part.

    Hope this helps – and I sent a long email to the involved parties.


  20. Mike, When Oracle Database Appliance will start to use DBBP? as the latest ODA bundle patch Patch 22896543 – ODA Patch Bundle still use April 2016 PSU, not DBBP.

    is Exadata Quarterly Bundle Patch starting to use DBBP or still use PSU?



  21. Patch 23615308 has a bug 24393547. Oracle Development has been working on this for over a month. Seems like a long time for a PSU fix.

    Current state of SQL patches:
    Patch 22674709 (Database PSU, Oracle JavaVM Component (Apr2016)):
    Not installed in binary or the SQL registry
    Patch 23177536 (Database PSU, Oracle JavaVM Component (JUL2016)):
    Installed in the binary registry only
    Bundle series PSU:
    ID 160719 in the binary registry and ID 160419 in the SQL registry

    Adding patches to installation queue and performing prereq checks…
    Installation queue:
    Nothing to roll back
    The following patches will be applied:
    23177536 (Database PSU, Oracle JavaVM Component (JUL2016))
    23054246 (Database Patch Set Update : (23054246))

    Error: prereq checks failed!
    patch 23177536: The database must be in upgrade mode
    Prereq check failed, exiting without installing any patches.

    Please refer to MOS Note 1609718.1 and/or the invocation log
    for information on how to resolve the above errors.

    SQL Patching tool complete on Mon Aug 1 16:02:09 2016

  22. Mike,

    We ran into bug 20734332 cannot start a listener needed for setup Data Guard via OEM13c.
    Will this bug be solved in de PSU october 2016 for datbase/grid-infra on Exadata ?



  23. @Rene:

    Sorry to hear that – and I can only tell you if it is available in the Oct16 PSU when it is finally available. So please check with Oracle Support – and if necessary request a backport on top of your current PSU.


  24. Hey there,

    thanks for this post. I am planning on applying a BP (Windows, Ora 12c, SAP) soon. I was wondering, what the file "PATCHBUNDLE12102P_1608-20012303\PatchSearch.xml" achtually contains. I found information about "metadata,…" but it is still unclear.

    Why I am asking this: In the described file I found certain information about ORA-4031. For example:


    Does this mean Bug 21260431 has been fixed (=fix is contained) in this PB?


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