The new AutoUpgrade utility in Oracle 19c

The new AutoUpgrade utility in Oracle 19cOracle Database 19c on premises is available – and one of the key features is the new AutoUpgrade utility. In the following days I will publish several blog posts explaining and showcasing the new AutoUpgrade.

What is the AutoUpgrade?

The Oracle Database AutoUpgrade utility is a new tiny little command line tool which allows you to upgrade your databases in an unattended way. I call it the Hands-Free Upgrade. TThe new AutoUpgrade utility in Oracle 19che idea of the tool is to run the prechecks against multiple databases, fix 99% of the potential issues, set a restore point in case something goes wrong – and then upgrade your databases. And of course, do the postupgrade, recompilation and time zone adjustment.

The only thing you need to provide is a config file in text format.

Where do you get the AutoUpgrade?

You get it when you install Oracle Database 19c (19.3) or newer. Or – and this is the recommended source, you download the most recent version from MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool:

The new AutoUpgrade utility in Oracle 19c

Where do you find the AutoUpgrade documentation?

It is all here included in the Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Guide:

Which database releases are supported?

As source, the minimum version is Oracle Database Fair enough, isn’t it?

And as target (and yes, we heard your feedback at OOW18) we will support upgrade to:

  • Oracle Database 19.3.0 and newer
  • Oracle Database 18.5.0 and newer
  • Oracle Database with Jan 2019 RU and newer

More Information

Within the next days, I will blog more about the AutoUpgrade and add the links here. If you’d like to get an introduction, please see our OOW 2018 presentation together with Daniel Overby Hansen from SimCorp.

AutoUpgrade – Step-by-step

  1. The new AutoUpgrade Utility – Download, documentation and supported versions
  2. Create and adjust the config file for AutoUpgrade
  3. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Advanced options
  4. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Tweaking init parameters
  5. AutoUpgrade: ANALYZE, FIXUPS, UPGRADE and DEPLOY modes
  6. AutoUpgrade: Where do you find all the logfiles?
  7. UPG: The AutoUpgrade Command Line Interface
  8. Upgrading Multitenant databases with AutoUpgrade
  9. Moving to a new server with AutoUpgrade
  10. How to tweak the hidden settings in AutoUpgrade
  11. AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB
  12. AutoUpgrade and Wallets





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