Where are AutoUpgrade error codes documented?

I know, I didn’t blog for a while due to seminar preparations and holidays. But as I’m going through the open comments on the blog trying to answer them, I came across a question regarding the strange UPG error codes, AutoUpgrade is printing sometimes. And of course, where are AutoUpgrade error codes documented?

The UPG errors

Once AutoUpgrade hits an error condition, it prints an error code such as UPG-1400 or UPG-1303. And often, this error code is not very meaningful. In the comments section, somebody asked where to fine more information about these error codes. And as I remember very well that we discussed this in the team, I checked the documentation at first, then the MOS notes. But I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I did ask Daniel – and her knew how to find out more about the errors.

The UPG error list

It is very simple – AutoUpgrade itself tells you more. If you’d like the entire list, please use:

$ java -jar autoupgrade.jar  -error_code
ERROR1000.ERROR  = UPG-1000
ERROR1000.CAUSE  = It was not possible to create the data file where the jobsTable is being written or there was a problem during the writing, it might be thrown due to a permission error or a busy resource scenario

ERROR1001.ERROR  = UPG-1001
ERROR1001.CAUSE  = There was a problem reading the state file perhaps there was corruption writing the file and in the next write it might be fixed

ERROR1002.ERROR  = UPG-1002
ERROR1002.CAUSE  = Error deserializing the object for rerun, review log for any errors

ERROR1100.ERROR  = UPG-1100
ERROR1100.CAUSE  = either, the console or the job manager were interrupted and it might lead to unknown errors because if there were active tasks running they won't be able to be finish gracefully nor we will guarantee that we track their progress properly

ERROR1200.ERROR  = UPG-1200
ERROR1200.CAUSE  = Error reading the standard input, perhaps a malformed character or there was a problem with the process's stdin

ERROR1300.ERROR  = UPG-1300
ERROR1300.CAUSE  = The current execution of the database fixups was interrupted and a set of checks is still pending

ERROR1301.ERROR  = UPG-1301
ERROR1301.CAUSE  = The current execution of the database fixups was not completed

ERROR1302.ERROR  = UPG-1302
ERROR1302.CAUSE  = The current execution of the database checks was interrupted


I cut off the output here as there is no point of printing the entire list of potential error codes on the blog.

Obviously it is more likely that you don’t want the whole list but information for a specific error.

Then please use:

$ java -jar autoupgrade.jar  -error_code UPG-1400

ERROR1400.ERROR  = UPG-1400
ERROR1400.CAUSE  = Database upgrade failed with errors

That’s it. Simple but efficient.

On the side, please be aware to download the most recent version of AutoUpgrade in order to get the error codes displayed.

Minimum requirement is AU build.version 21.1.2 from Feb 24, 2021. With older releases of AutoUpgrade, you won’t see the error codes. This was project AUPG-1950 Documentation of AutoUpgrade error codes.

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