Exclude DBMS_SCHEDULER Jobs from expdp?

You have never thought about excluding DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs from a Data Pump export? Me neither but I’ve recently got a copy of an email for such a customer case from Roy who owns Data Pump as well. And this is the code example from Dean Gagne:


exclude=procobj:"IN (SELECT NAME FROM sys.OBJ$ WHERE TYPE# IN
  • This will work only on export
  • It’s an all or nothing approach

Quite interesting, isn’t it?

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One thought on “Exclude DBMS_SCHEDULER Jobs from expdp?

  1. PS: Update on Feb 8, 2017 – thanks to Jurjis Oleinikovs:

    To include DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs during datapump import, "include=PROCOBJ" can be used.

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