DBMS_JOB one-off patch needed for Oracle 19.3.0 – 19.7.0

A while ago I blogged already about this behavior change for DBMS_JOB in Oracle Database 19c. Many of you are aware of this. But today I learned something new about it. Kudos to Alexey Makhmutov for bringing this to my attention. There is a very important fix you will need on top in 19c to avoid performance issues. If you rely on jobs with the old job interface, take note: DBMS_JOB one-off patch needed for Oracle 19.3.0 – 19.7.0

DBMS_JOB one-off patch needed for Oracle 19.3.0 - 19.7.0

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What is the problem?

As you can read from there is a internal …

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DBMS_JOB – Behavior Change in Oracle 19c during upgrade

DBMS_JOB - Behavior Change in Oracle 19c during upgrade

Actually I missed to blog about this change but luckily a colleague did ask a question the other week about the migration of jobs when you upgrade to Oracle 19c. Let me shed some light on DBMS_JOB – Behavior Change in Oracle 19c.


Back in the 10g days, we introduced a new interface to run and monitor jobs in the database: The scheduler. The scheduler with DBMS_SCHEDULER is way more powerful than the old job interface. And we use it internally a lot as well. But as things appear in the real world. the introduction …

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Exclude DBMS_SCHEDULER Jobs from expdp?

You have never thought about excluding DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs from a Data Pump export? Me neither but I’ve recently got a copy of an email for such a customer case from Roy who owns Data Pump as well. And this is the code example from Dean Gagne:


exclude=procobj:"IN (SELECT NAME FROM sys.OBJ$ WHERE TYPE# IN
  • This will work only on export
  • It’s an all or nothing approach

Quite interesting, isn’t it?…

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DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs stuck after upgrade to 11.2? Check this parameter!

I think I learn something new practically every time that I talk to or work with customers. Here’s a nugget of information that may be worth its weight in gold if you are upgrading in a RAC environment. You might find after the upgrade that your DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs seem to be scheduled but unable to run, as if the scheduler is stuck for some reason.

The reason for this is an interesting parameter job_queue_processes whose behavior changed in 11.2. The parameter itself has been around for a long time, but here is the important note from the 11.2 Upgrade

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