COVID-19 – Corona Virus – Event Cancellations for March/April 2020

As you all can read from the press or see on TV or your preferred internet news page (not Facebook!!!), things here in Europe and I guess in the rest of the world change rapidly. In January we may have looked with interest or fear towards China and kept our fingers crossed, but since early February it is clear that the virus couldn’t be contained. In the last days a lot of countries in Europe have done things my Dad yesterday told me “never has happened in the 73 years of my life”. As of this morning, Germany closed its …

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Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you! And thanks for reading the blog. And thanks also for the warm feedback you gave me in the past 20 months since I started this blog on a new platform.

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

I wish you all a very good start into the new year. If you wonder why I post this while the year is already 7 days old, we Germans have a lot of holidays – and this season it was pretty attractive to take two weeks off with just spending 5 vacation days. Hence, my working …

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Korea and Japan visit – Recap, Thank You and Impressions!

A week ago, Roy and I returned from a 1+ week trip to Korea and Japan. It was wonderful but of course strenuous (as always). As today is a public holiday in many European countries including Germany I’d like to take the chance and write a non-technical short article about our Korea and Japan visit – Recap and Thank You!

Korea and Japan visit – Recap and Thank You!

I love both countries. Not only the countries, the food and the things to see, but of course the people. It’s such a pleasure to work with colleagues and customers in …

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Upgrade & Migration Workshops Down Under

Time flies … and the Database Upgrade and Migration Workshops in Australia and New Zealand come closer and closer. It has been exactly two years ago since Roy and me had run the Upgrade Workshop in Perth and Melbourne. In 2010 visiting Australia was part of our Asian workshop route. But this time we’ll fly the looooooooooooong way (ouch … I’m definitely not looking forward to my eco seat in cattle class for the 18 flight hours down to Perth – and, even worse, to the 22 hours with 2 stops on the way back from Sydney) down just …

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Some impressions …

Thanks again to our colleagues of Oracle Japan for the (as always) excellent organization of our journey to Japan in December 2011. And thanks to all the customers and colleagues we’ve met and which did visit the workshops 🙂 We’ll hope to meet you next time again!

And here are some impressions:

Osaka by Night

Silent Cooking in Tokyo

Mackerel 🙂


Yes … Otoro and Maguro … delicious!!!

Okonomiyaki – also VERY delicious!!!

Fuji-san in the morning

Ginko Trees in Tokyo

Kyoto – Kinkaku-Ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion)

Beautiful gardens at Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto
(the picture doesn’t reflect

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Upcoming Events in North America

As Mike works on resurrecting the slide downloads area (see his entry about the migration of our blog infrastructure, below), I thought I would let you know the dates of upcoming workshops to be held in North America. Our current plans are to hold upgrade workshops in the following cities. These are not links to e-vites yet, but I will update as that information comes in.

After June we don’t have plans for more events until August, when things will start getting more active again.…

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Recent uploaded slides for the Upgrade Talks last week

Welcome 2011 🙂

And here you’ll find the newest talks Carol, Roy and Brian delivered last week in several cities (please find the also in the DOWNLOAD SLIDES section on the right side of this blog):

Hope you had a nice weekend and wonderful weather, too, as we had yesterday south of Munich.

Starnberg Lake – View towards the Alps




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Best Of 2010

Hi there,

in Australia, Japan, Singapore and many other countries it’s already 2011 – but in Germany and the US it’s still some time until midnight 🙂 To round up the year you’ll find a few off-topic pictures from 2010. You might click on the pictures to get a better resolution.

Enjoy …

2010_12_31_001.jpgMoscow – Red Square


2010_12_31_003.jpgTokyo Train – Cell Phone Mania


2010_12_31_004.jpgGreat Chinese Wall near Beijing


2010_12_31_005.jpgHong Kong by Night


2010_12_31_006.jpgYearing Station Winery, Yarra – Victoria, Australia


2010_12_31_008.jpgDublin, Ireland – during the ash cloud


2010_12_31_009.jpg– no comment –




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Thank you for your support throughout 2010!!!

Now as the calendar year 2010 is close to its end, it’s time for a quick wrap-up. The TV stations have shown all their flashbacks already in early December but we’ll wait until end of the year 😉

I will post some pictures done by Roy or me throughout our travel in the next days. We’ve visited a lot of countries – and did more than 60 full-day Upgrade Workshops in 28 different countries:.


But the most important thing: We’d like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who’d attend to one of our upgrade workshops …

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Find me at the beaches … and here are the workshop slides :-)

Hi there,

thanks to all of you for the very warm welcome in a very cool room in Johannesburg yesterday. Greg and me did really enjoy the day and we had plenty of fun 🙂

In case you’d like to download the slides please click on the following link and type in the keyword:
Keyword (Schlüsselwort): upgrade112


And just in case if I won’t be there tomorrow morning for the workshop in Capetown … you’ll find me at the beach … feel free to join me 🙂 But the Atlantic could be a tiny little bit warmer. Gosh,

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South Africa – Upcoming Upgrade Workshops

Still a few seats available in the next week’s upgrade workshops in South Africa 🙂 I will do them together with Greg Cubitt from the South African Presales team.

And we both are looking forward to meet you there 🙂

And please find the slides here:
Keyword (Schlüsselwort): upgrade112

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