Hands-on with the Latest Oracle Technology

There is a new set of FREE hands-on workshops available that will give you a chance to work with Advanced Compression, Transparent Data Encryption, Real Application Testing, and GoldenGate without having to spend the time and resources to set up a test environment of your own. If you have a laptop, this is a great opportunity to actually use these options and see how they work for yourself.

Titled Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Architecture Planning Workshops,  these events are being rolled out in cities across the country. The first four are in the western part of …

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Upgrade Team goes green and CO2 neutral :-)

For those people who were sweating heavily in Tuesday’s and today’s upgrade workshop in Baden-Dätwill/Switzerland and Düsseldorf/Germany here’s some “contrast” 🙂

Roy goes green in Alaska

So the Upgrade Development Group goes green now – 100% CO2 neutral, just organic fuel necessary 😉

Ah, and you’ll find the newest slideset ready for download as always on the right side in the SLIDE DOWNLOAD section 🙂

Thanks for your patience,


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Thanks to all attendees in Seattle and Toronto

Seattle - APEX 2011
Must be an Oracle sponsored number plate … 😉

Thanks to everybody who did attend to our Upgrade Workshops in Seattle and Toronto past week. Seattle had a quite unusual track setup with two parallel breakout sessions. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. And you’ll find the slides for the keynote “New Features” and the “Upgrade Workshop – The Whole Story” presentations below.

Toronto 1

Toronto was quite amazing as well – with so many (hope not too many) people in this slightly crowded room at the Interconti in Toronto. We’ve got a lot of interesting and sometimes challenging questions. …

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Upcoming Upgrade and Migration Workshops in EMEA

The registration for the upcoming Upgrade Workshops in EMEA is now open – see also always the “Workshops Corner” on the right side of this blog (scroll down a bit, please).

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Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in the US and Canada

As Roy is really busy in traveling the whole North American continent I would like to highlight a few of Roy’s upcoming workshops with registration links – so simply “click” and register 🙂

DONE: March 23, 2011: Philadelphia, PA
DONE: March 24, 2011: Reston, VA
DONE: April 07, 2011: Dallas, TX
DONE: April 13, 2011: Birmingham, AL 2011_03_16_starspangledbanner.gif
DONE: April 14, 2011: Minneapolis, MN
DONE: April 20, 2011: Pasadena, CA
DONE: April 21, 2011: Sacramento, CA
DONE: May 4, 2011: Portland, OR
DONE: May 5, 2011: Vancouver, Canada

Roy is looking forward to meet you in one of the above …

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Valentine’s Day in sunny Ottawa, Ontario

Birds may fly south for the winter, but I will be heading to Ottawa, Ontario next week for a workshop on 15-FEB. I’m pretty used to winter because I grew up in the snow belt southeast of Buffalo, NY — and this winter in New England is helping me get prepared as well.


For reference, the big lump is my gas grill.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a good workshop and to visiting Ottawa for my first time. If you’re in the Ottawa/Gatineau area and would like to attend, please see the online evite for information about how to register.…

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Workshop slides for Mumbai and Delhi

Finally me and Anoop arrived in Delhi a bit later than expected. Kingfisher Airlines is really good – and I think it was not their fault that we had nearly a 2 hour delay for a less-than-2-hour-flight. I’ve heard rumors that the IT of Delhi airport has been relocated to the new terminal today causing some flight delays …
Hopefully they’ll have time to visit the workshop in Delhi tomorrow 🙂

And thanks to the nice audience today in Mumbai. I did really enjoy the day and you had very good questions. In order to download the slides please access …

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