Canada rocks – and is really cold in winter

Last week I’ve had one of those travel weeks where I accumulate many working hours already by flying and having layovers and delays at lovely airports. Plus of course, I work in addition and deliver full-day workshops. And see customers. Still, I won’t complain as I like my job a lot. Especially meeting with customers and discussing various upgrade and migration topics can be really challenging sometimes. And I can confess, Canada rocks – and is really cold in winter. Seriously …

Canada rocks - and is really cold in winter

One of these weeks …

When you travel to Canada in winter, especially in a January, you can …

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Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon :)

I stopped more or less watching Champions League football since it is available on pay TV only for over a year in Germany. But of course I saw the result yesterday: Barca lifting Dortmund into the play-off stage by beating Inter in Milano. Well, I guess, all BVB fans will have celebrated yesterday night. Still, the reason for my blog post is not football. But I’d like to say Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon 🙂

On Monday, Dec 9, 2019, I held a full day upgrade workshop in Barcelona. The Oracle ACS team did all …

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Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c

This is a short “Black Friday” blog post. And just if you are tired already of hunting supposed-to-be-bargain-buys, you may need something to relax – and watch this Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c.

Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c

Roy recorded it as part of the Quest Experience Week. We’d like to share it with you here.

Just click on the picture below to open a new TAB and watch the 1 hour video:


If you are looking for the slide deck, you can download them from:



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RMOUG Training Days in Denver – just 4 weeks away

Time flies. Really, it does. When I looked into the calendar I realized the next event is already very close: RMOUG Training Days in Denver – just 4 weeks away from now on.

The Rocky Mountain User Group Training Days will happen in Westminster close to Denver, CO from Tuesday, Feb 20 until Thursday, Feb 22, 2018. RMOUG’s Training Days is the premier (and largest) grass-roots Oracle user training event in the U.S., offering more than 100 sessions over three days from world-renowned experts. Register here!

RMOUG Training Days in Denver – just 4 weeks away

Actually I’m very excited. …

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Workshop in Vancouver – Venue has changed

I arrived well in Canada seeing the longest immigration line ever – but luckily as the immigration process by itself is very efficient it didn’t take over an hour.

Vancouver Football Stadium

Vancouver sees to be a very nice city – only the weather could be a bit better 😉 I’m looking forward to the Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2 and the Cloud” workshop tomorrow and just in case you haven’t been alerted yet, there was a venue change over a week ago in order to accommodate all registered participants from the Oracle office (before) to:


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Upgrade Workshop on March 2, 2016 in Switzerland

Grüezi alle miteinand!

There are just a few seats open for the Upgrade / Migrate /Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshop on March 2, 2016 in Zürich in Switzerland open. If you would like to attend but haven’t registered yet, please use this link to sign up:

Workshop language will be German, slides will be in English.

Looking forward to meet you there!


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Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in Prague and Bucharest

Oracle Upgrade Workshops Fall 2015

I’ve just returned from a work intense week from Seoul, South Korea – and there are upcoming Upgrade / Migrate /Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshops already on my radar – and both are almost booked out completely. So if you are either based in the Prague or the Bucharest region you may quickly sign up (and show up as well) 🙂

  • Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle Database 12cWednesday, October, 7, 2015
    Prague, Czech Republic
    @Oracle Czech
    Registration Link is here
  • Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle Database 12cTuesday, October 13, 2015
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New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Good news – finally we publish a new version of our big upgrade/migrate/consolidate slide deck:

And don’t be scared – we reached now the 600 slide count 😉

New topics included (and subject to more extension within the next weeks) are:

  • Why you seriously can’t wait for Oracle Database
  • Unicode Migration with DMU
  • Migrate into the Cloud 
  • Single Tenant
  • RMAN incremental backups speeding up Full Transportable Export/Import

and many more …

Sorry that we didn’t keep track in the “Change Log” at the end of the deck. But there were …

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Webcast on 18-SEP: Three Reasons to Upgrade

You may have noticed that our Upcoming Events listing is a bit sparse due to preparations for OpenWorld. But, we have not gone completely silent; there are still Database Upgrade events available. One that I would like to point out is a webcast that I am delivering next week, “Three Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g.”

This will be a one-hour webcast discussing the three main reasons for upgrading to the latest version of Oracle Database:

  1. Reduce IT costs
  2. Ensure support for your hardware and applications
  3. Take advantage of new features to improve performance, security, and
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Upgrade Workshop in Sydney – Recap

Late, but hopefully not too late, a big THANK YOU to everybody who did attend the Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Sydney at the Cliftons past week. You were a really good crowd, thanks for all your questions, the great conversations in the breaks, thanks to the local marketing team for the excellent organization – and we’ll looking forward to see you next time again with all your databases then live on Oracle Database 11.2

To download the slides please find them in the Slides Download Center to your right – or use the direct link to download the workshop

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Upgrade Workshop in Melbourne – Recap

Thanks to everybody who did attend at our Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Melbourne last Friday. First of all it was a Friday so we really appreciated your patience of staying until the very end 🙂 And then, yes we know, it was a full room. And we’d really like to thank you 🙂 It was a great day for Roy and me. And you were such a great crowd with many questions and excellent discussions during the breaks. Please have all successful upgrade and migrations. And feel free to get in touch directly with Roy and me if you …

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Upgrade Workshops in Perth and Brisbane – Recap

Thanks to everybody who did attend on Tuesday in Perth and today in Brisbane for the Database Upgrade and Migration Workshop in the Oracle offices. We hope you’ve enjoyed the day as we did enjoy it 😉 Feel free to contact us regarding your experiences, upgrade successes, pitfalls you have seen and miss in the slides etc.

Slides – please don’t forget to download them via this link here.

And for those who have asked for the component dependency presentation containing also a script (find it at the very end of the presentation) to drop an unused or accidentially …

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Upgrade Workshop in Bangkok – Slides

Thank you very much for the warm welcome today at the Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Bangkok. Roy and me are very happy to be finally here.

You can download the most recent version of the slides via this link:
Upgrade and Migration to Oracle 11.2 Workshop Slides

Have successful upgrades – and let us know your experiences with the upgrades and migrations!
And hope to see you next time again!…

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Upgrade Workshop in Jakarta – Slides



Thanks to everybody today in the Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Jakarta. And thanks for all your questions during the breaks.

In order to download the most recent version of the slides (just refreshed them now during the lunch break) please find them here:
Upgrade and Migration to Oracle 11.2 Workshop Slides

Have successful upgrades – and don’t even think about upgrading to Oracle 10g right now – Oracle is the release you should upgrade to in the near future 🙂…

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Upcoming Workshops in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok

Next week will be again a travel week – and it means going from deep frosty winter into “warmer” areas of the world. But we are really looking forward to meet you in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok. And in case you just read this now there are still seats open as far as I know 🙂

  • 20-FEB-2012:
    Upgrade & Migration Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia 
  • 22-FEB-2012:
    Upgrade & Migration Workshop in Singapore
    • Please drop me an email if you’d like to participate
  • 23-FEB-2012:
    Upgrade & Migration Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand
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Obrigado :-)

Thanks a lot to everybody who did visit our workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the past days. And actually our “Thank You” or Obrigado! can’t express how Roy and me felt in the past days. I believe I’ve never felt so welcome – you all, customers, partners and Oracle folks were simply great. Thanks a lot for that. We’ve had a great time – and we hope you had some fun as well and enjoyed the hands-on lab as well.

Let us know if anything with your upgrades does not run as desired – or if …

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Upgrade & Migration Workshop in KL

Thanks to everybody being there today for our new Upgrade and Migration to Oracle Database 11.2 workshop.

In order to get the new slides for this workshop you might download them from here.

Thanks for your time and have successful upgrades and migrations!

Information: I had to reupload the slides on Nov 9th, 4:30am CET (11:30am local KL time). In case you have downloaded them beforehand you may please download them again as the original PDF missed over 300 slides 😉 Sorry for the inconvenience!!!


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INFO: Bangkok/Thailand Upgrade Workshop postponed

We are really sorry to hear more and more details about the flooding in Thailand and Bangkok. And our thoughts are with all the people there. Due to the situation and as we know that people have more important things to take care on now than an Oracle workshop we will postpone the Database Upgrade and Migration Workshop to a later date. We’ll announce the date as soon as possible

Roy & Mike and the local Marketing team

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Hands-on with the Latest Oracle Technology

There is a new set of FREE hands-on workshops available that will give you a chance to work with Advanced Compression, Transparent Data Encryption, Real Application Testing, and GoldenGate without having to spend the time and resources to set up a test environment of your own. If you have a laptop, this is a great opportunity to actually use these options and see how they work for yourself.

Titled Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Architecture Planning Workshops,  these events are being rolled out in cities across the country. The first four are in the western part of …

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Upgrade Team goes green and CO2 neutral :-)

For those people who were sweating heavily in Tuesday’s and today’s upgrade workshop in Baden-Dätwill/Switzerland and Düsseldorf/Germany here’s some “contrast” 🙂

Roy goes green in Alaska

So the Upgrade Development Group goes green now – 100% CO2 neutral, just organic fuel necessary 😉

Ah, and you’ll find the newest slideset ready for download as always on the right side in the SLIDE DOWNLOAD section 🙂

Thanks for your patience,


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Thanks to all attendees in Seattle and Toronto

Seattle - APEX 2011
Must be an Oracle sponsored number plate … 😉

Thanks to everybody who did attend to our Upgrade Workshops in Seattle and Toronto past week. Seattle had a quite unusual track setup with two parallel breakout sessions. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. And you’ll find the slides for the keynote “New Features” and the “Upgrade Workshop – The Whole Story” presentations below.

Toronto 1

Toronto was quite amazing as well – with so many (hope not too many) people in this slightly crowded room at the Interconti in Toronto. We’ve got a lot of interesting and sometimes challenging questions. …

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Upcoming Upgrade and Migration Workshops in EMEA

The registration for the upcoming Upgrade Workshops in EMEA is now open – see also always the “Workshops Corner” on the right side of this blog (scroll down a bit, please).

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Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in the US and Canada

As Roy is really busy in traveling the whole North American continent I would like to highlight a few of Roy’s upcoming workshops with registration links – so simply “click” and register 🙂

DONE: March 23, 2011: Philadelphia, PA
DONE: March 24, 2011: Reston, VA
DONE: April 07, 2011: Dallas, TX
DONE: April 13, 2011: Birmingham, AL 2011_03_16_starspangledbanner.gif
DONE: April 14, 2011: Minneapolis, MN
DONE: April 20, 2011: Pasadena, CA
DONE: April 21, 2011: Sacramento, CA
DONE: May 4, 2011: Portland, OR
DONE: May 5, 2011: Vancouver, Canada

Roy is looking forward to meet you in one of the above …

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