UKOUG20 – Back to Basics: Cool Features for DBAs in Oracle 19c



Dec 1, 2020 – 13:00h GMT – 14:00h CET


We will not only talk but also demonstrate a collection of really cool features for (not only) DBAs. Stuff which you don’t find on marketing slides but will ease your daily work. Demos are essential and will be included seamless into the talk. We’d bet there will be a few how have not heard about yet as some of them are very well hidden on the thousands of pages of Oracle Documentation.

No marketing done – just cool and useful stuff for techies 🙂


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Upgrade Essentials – Videos for the Virtual Classroom Series 2020

Roy, Daniel and I ran 6 workshops in our Virtual Classroom Series 2000 format. Each of them is between 90 and 120 minutes. This sounds quite long but of course you can scroll forward if you are interested in only a part of it. We consider those the Upgrade Essentials – Videos for the Virtual Classroom Series 2020. As as we now completed the 6th web seminar, it’s time for a short recap.

Is Upgrade that complicated?

Good question. If upgrade is so easy as we say, why do you need 6 virtual sessions …

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APAC OUG: AutoUpgrade to 19c and 21c

October 19-30 – APAC Virtual Groundbreakers Tour

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