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DOAG 2020: Welcome to the Jungle – Database Patching Insights

Welcome to the Jungle – Database Patching Insights

Dienstag, 17. Nov., 15:00 – 15:45
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Stream Datenbanken & Infrastruktur
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Do you love database patching? No?
Database patching is a reoccurring task. Every quarter in January, April, July and October it is time to apply at least the quarterly bundle patches.

But even finding the right patches can be a challenge sometimes. And WHY is YOUR patch not available? Do you need a new opatch? And what if you unplug from 19.6.0 to 19.9.0 – do you have to copy

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SlOUG – Oracle Multitenant / Database Patching Insights

October 13 and 14 – Slovenian User Group Conference – MakeIT 2020

I have hopes a lot that this event will happen not only virtually. But times are different. And maybe we’ll see each other in reality next year again. For now, virtual is the way to go. And I look forward to be part of this exciting event with two Masterclass (extended) talks. Many thanks to the organizers!

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