Virtual Classroom: Cool Features not only for DBAs

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for Jan 14, 2021 – 10:00h CET

Virtual Classroom Web Seminar No.7:

Cool Features not only for DBAs

with special guests Jeff Smith and Connor McDonald

Oracle Database offers a ton of features. But not all are explained in broad detail. And many don’t make it onto the marketing slides. This webinar will focus strictly on useful features for everyday use, from a technical and practical perspective. It won’t be the typical feature-feature-feature talk, but instead will demonstrate the very best of Oracle Database 12c to 21c. Discover many hidden gems and some well-kept secrets—and much more …

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Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises

Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premisesAs Oracle Database 18c is now available on Linux on premises, I blogged about the installation already. And the next logical step is the Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises. In this case I will show an upgrade on the command line from Oracle to Oracle 18.3.0. A DBUA upgrade will follow in a separate blog post later.

Oracle Database 18.3.0 Upgrade on premises

Before you can start with the upgrade, you may download the software first, and then install it:

If …

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Very cool videos about Upgrade to Oracle 12c

Sometimes it is by far easier to watch a few short videos instead of reading an entire book 🙂

So enjoy watching Roy talking about Upgrades and Migrations to Oracle Database 12c in short videos covering also the new Upgrade and Migration features in Oracle Database 12c.

A set of five short videos discussing new features and enhancements to database upgrades in Oracle Database 12c.

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