AutoUpgrade in trouble when you are short on RAM

Actually I blog about this topic for the simple reason that currently you won’t find helpful information in MyOracle Support. And I’ve seen this issue now twice in a row at Enterprise customers. You may see AutoUpgrade in trouble when you are short on RAM. During one of the restarts AutoUpgrade initiates you may get an ORA-600.

AutoUpgrade in trouble when you are short on RAM

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

What you may see

At first, the alert.log – and this is the strange pattern here – does not give you any indication about this ORA-600. You will find it only in the logs written by autoupgrade.jar:…

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VBox 5.0.10/12 issues with PERL and Seg Faults – UPDATE

A bit more than two months ago I did hear from several people having issues with our Hands-On Lab environment. And it became clear that only those who use Oracle Virtual Box 5 see such errors.

Then I read Danny Bryant‘s blog post (thanks to Deiby Gomez for pointing me to it) about similar issues and a potential solution yesterday:

And interestingly one of my colleagues, our PL/SQL product manager Bryn Llewellyn started an email thread and a test internally yesterday as well.

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VBox 5.0.10 crash issues with our Hands-On-Lab

Milano - Nov 2015 (c) Mike Dietrich

I’ve ran two Hands-On-Workshops with customers and partners in Italy last week in Milano where we used our well known and thousands-of-times proven Hand-On-Lab environment:

But this time some people failed while running the lab with random corruptions either shutting down the entire VM while running – or displaying file corruptions in the spfile – or other issues.

The common thing in all cases: People had VBox 5.0.10 downloaded and installed right before the workshop.

Of course they’ve did it – as I’m tempted too since …

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VBox Hands-on-Lab image – build your own :-)

Oh … I know … I promised to post all the details how I’ve build up our pretty straight forward Hands-On-Lab Roy, Carol, Cindy, Joe and I used at OOW and some other occasions to let you upgrade, migrate and consolidate databases to Oracle Database 12c and into Oracle Multitenant.

And well, some have emailed me already … and I had this feeling that my schedule will be very tight after OOW. Even right now (Sunday evening) I’m already back at my second home, Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Munich Airport. Waiting for my flight to Rome in an hour …

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