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HrOUG – Croatia: “It is fixed in Oracle 23c??”

Huh? It is fixed in Oracle 23c?? Seriously? – Or how Database Development at Oracle works


Database & Infrastructure

Date and time

Thursday, 14. October 2021., 10:20


Hall E



Have you every heard from Oracle Support “It will be fixed in 21c or 23c”? And wondered if you should upgrade now, and how you should upgrade when the release is not there yet?In this talk we will give rare insights into how Oracle Database Development works.We will explain why it takes more than a few minutes to complete a regression test suite, why you don’t

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UKOUG 20 – Move to ADB – For Experts and Beginners



Dec 1, 2020 – 15:00h GMT – 16:00h CET


I will cover all the potential paths into ADB. It’s no rocket science. But with the ALWAYS FREE TIER available, this maybe even useful for your apart from your current job. Whatever data you have, Excel, CSV, or entire databases. We will showcase how to efficiently and quickly upload your data.

SQL Developer Web, SQL Developer, Data Pump, SQL Loader, MV2ADB and more – and we’ll showcase everything. So you can choose the best solution for your own purpose.

No marketing involved – we won’t sell you …

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SlOUG – Oracle Multitenant / Database Patching Insights

October 13 and 14 – Slovenian User Group Conference – MakeIT 2020

I have hopes a lot that this event will happen not only virtually. But times are different. And maybe we’ll see each other in reality next year again. For now, virtual is the way to go. And I look forward to be part of this exciting event with two Masterclass (extended) talks. Many thanks to the organizers!

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KSAOUG – Database Patching – Welcome to the Jungle

October 10, 9:00h – KSAOUG – EMEA Virtual Groundbreakers Tour

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User Group Seminars in October about Upgrade, Migration and Patching

I didn’t blog a lot in the past weeks. At the moment, most of my time is consumed either by customer web meetings and workshops, or the preparation for the User Group Seminars in October about Upgrade, Migration and Patching. Below I will list these – please feel free to sign up. #SupportUserGroups

User Group Seminars in October about Upgrade, Migration and Patching

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

October 1 – Swiss Oracle User Group

October will start for me with a keynote for the Swiss Oracle User Group on Thursday, October 1 at 13:00h, about the Migration to Oracle Multitenant.

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UKOUG TechFest 2019 in Brighton – Dec 1-4, 2019

Time really flies. As every year in November. Right after DOAG, there’s very little time for me to recharge batteries. And once I take a deep breath, I will sit in another airplane and fly to … England. No worries, I won’t do any political jokes. This is not necessary these days. And this is a techie blog. But I’m very happy that I don’t have to do any special preparation to visit UKOUG TechFest 2019 in Brighton – Dec 1-4, 2019.

UKOUG TechFest 2019 in Brighton - Dec 1-4, 2019

Photo by Nitin Tulswani on Unsplash


To be honest, I know not much about Brighton. Except …

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DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint

Nürnberg and München are just 175 km away from each other, a bit more than 1 hour by train. Still I felt a post-conference blues already when I boarded the ICE train yesterday to head back to the south. It was an awesome conference – again. Except for one thing which I will write about below. So here’s my report on DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint.

DOAG 2019 - Recap and a personal complaint

Photo by Philippe Mignot on Unsplash

DOAG 2019 – What an agenda

I knew it before already. But my VP, Roy Swonger, visited DOAG Conference in Nürnberg for the first time. …

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September is CONFERENCE month – back to reality

There was a bit of silence on the blog – well, I needed a deep breath and plenty of fresh air on the most beautiful German island. And now it’s time to dig in again. And I realized that I won’t have many “office” days this month. September is CONFERENCE month – back to reality.

September is CONFERENCE month - back to reality

POUG – Polish Oracle User Group 2019 in Wrozlaw

September is CONFERENCE month - back to reality

When? September 6-7, 2019

Where? Wrozlaw, Poland – Kino Home Horyzonty

Why? Because if you’ve never been there, you won’t understand why everybody wants to be there. Check out the agenda: – in two days …

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UKOUG Tech18 – Recap, Slides, Videos and Impressions

UKOUG Tech18 - Recap, Slides, Videos and ImpressionsUKOUG Tech18 this year was an excellent event. And even though I was very skeptical of having to travel to Liverpool where you really can’t fly into except when you live in Amsterdam, I enjoyed it a lot. Liverpool is really a lovely city. And being honest, the conference center was very nice – and IMHO better than the one in Birmingham. You had to chance to see the other conference participants and speakers. I liked it a lot. So here’s my quick UKOUG Tech18 – Recap, Slides, Videos and Impressions post.

Well, and for me being a bit sick …

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OUGN – Great Conference!!! Download the Slides

The cruise is over 🙂 And what an excellent event. Congratualations to Alice, Frank, Øyvind and all the other great people from the OUGN. I had plenty of fun, met great people – and here are the slides for the two presentations I gave:

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Going to Norway for the OUGN Conference

I’m back in business after being out for almost two weeks. And tonight I will fly out to Oslo in Norway to participate in the OUGN Spring Conference 2014. It’s my first user group conference in Norway and it will be very special as it will happen on a ship. No escape 🙂

And Lufthansa’s pilots did a great job in making my travel another nice Lufthansa surprise package. Due to the upcoming 3 day strike my flight to Oslo got canceled last night at 18:25h – as if Lufthansa wouldn’t know about the strike days before …

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