Unplug / Plug / Upgrade with AutoUpgrade

When we launched AutoUpgrade, it could upgrade non-CDBs and CDBs with all PDBs. Soon after, it learned to upgrade a non-CDB and plug it into an existing CDB as a new PDB. And then, as next step, we added Unplug / Plug / Upgrade with AutoUpgrade. In this case you have a PDB (or hopefully more than one), and you’d like to upgrade one or many PDBs by moving them to a new CDB with a higher database version.

Test Setup

As test setup I use our Hands-On Lab.

I will …

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Oracle Multitenant: Be aware of the silent COMPATIBLE change

This topic is included in our Multitenant slides for a long time. But whenever I want to point somebody to the blog post, I realize that it’s not on the blog yet. Actually I discussed this topic recently during a customer visit again. It’s time to put it on the blog. When you use Oracle Multitenant: Be aware of the silent COMPATIBLE change.

Oracle Multitenant: Be aware of the silent COMPATIBLE change

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Mixed version environments

When you work with Oracle Multitenant, the sooner or later you will have mixed version environments. This may be CDBs with Oracle or Oracle together with …

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Save Patching Downtime with Oracle Multitenant?

At OOW 2019 we announced that you can have up to 3 user-created pluggable databases (PDBs) per container database (CDB) without having a Multitenant license. And in this blog post I’d like to demonstrate how you can save patching downtime with Oracle Multitenant.

The Concept

The idea this entire process settles on is very simple. When you create a fresh container database in the target (already patched!) environment, you don’t have to patch this one. You only have to relocate the PDB from the source into the target CDB. In addition, only datapatch needs to be executed. As the …

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Unplug a PDB and plugin into 18c in the Cloud

Unplug a PDB and plugin into 18c in the CloudThere’s been silence for a while – but today I’d like to show you how to unplug a PDB and plugin into 18c in the Cloud. I’m doing this exercise because I’ve seen questions already. And I was curious if it works as I’d expect it.

Unplug a PDB and plugin into 18c in the Cloud

As usual I will use our hands-on lab environment – and a freshly deployed 18c OCI-Classic instance (formerly known as DBCS formerly known as DBaaS).

Unplug a PDB and plugin into 18c inthe Cloud

It is a Single Tenant environment with one PDB. If you need for information about how to …

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Can you simply switch from SE2 to EE with Oracle Multitenant

Oracle MultitenantThis question is coming up from time to time – and currently not covered in the official Oracle documentation as far as I know: “Can you simply switch from SE2 to EE with Oracle Multitenant?”

Yes, you can!

First of all, the switch is possible and tested. But you’ll have to satisfy a few requirements:

  • Both database versions must be the same
  • Both databases must have the same character set (in Oracle Database 12.1)

That’s it. Simply unplug your Standard Edition 2 PDB and plug it into your Enterprise Edition CDB.

In addition you may have to run several component …

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Issue with PDB Archives in Oracle in ASM

There is a fancy new command to unplug a PDB in Oracle Database


The nice thing with this command differing in the file ending of ‘pdb‘ instead of ‘xml as you used it in Oracle 12.1 (and the ‘xml‘ option is still available of course): Instead of just creating an xml description file it zips everything together into a PDB archive.

SQL> show pdbs

---------- ------------------------------ ---------- ----------
SQL> create pluggable 
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PDB unplug/plug/patch with PSUs or BPs

This question was posted on the blog a few days ago referring to my previous blog posts describing the two techniques to upgrade in an Oracle Multitenant environment:


We are planning to upgrade from to
The plan is to create new oracle home and
gradually moving PDB from to
Should I follow the same steps?
Is there any document for what we want to do?

And luckily there is a MOS Note out there describing the steps:

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Recent News about Pluggable Databases – Oracle Multitenant

Three recent lessons about PDBs in the Oracle Single/Multitenant space you should be aware of.

And thanks to my teammates and the Multitenant PMs for bringing this into our radar.

Unplug/plug – don’t forget to DROP your PDB

I’ve had to add a single line to my previous blog post about the upgrade solution Unplug/Plug/Upgrade for PDBs:

Unplug Plug Upgrade PDB Oracle Mutitenant

You’ll have to DROP your PDB after you have unplugged it as otherwise the information will stay in the CDB’s dictionary where you have unplugged it from (a) forever and (b) during an subsequent upgrade of the entire source CDB. But the …

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