United Airlines

Collaborate 2019 – San Antonio, TX – Upgrade Talks and Labs

Collaborate 2019 - San Antonio, TX - Upgrade Talks and Labs

I have to be careful when posting something today. But this is actually not an April’s fool joke. Collaborate Conference is less than a week away. And for me this means: I’m going to Texas for the first time ever. And I hope to see you at Collaborate 2019 – San Antonio, TX – Upgrade Talks and Labs.


Collaborate 2019 - San Antonio, TX - Upgrade Talks and LabsWell, stereotypes are great. I live in Bavaria but I’m actually from its Northern part called Franconia. Which belongs geographically to Bavaria but is different. But when you look from any other part of Germany towards its South, … [ Read more ]

Thank you, United Airlines

Well, we all have read a lot of stories about United Airlines in the past months. And my experience with United isn’t that good either.

In the past, UA managed to either let my luggage sit for 5 days in London while I was already in Redwood Shores, and I spent roughly 10 hours in their terrible telephone system waiting for anybody tracking my luggage. Then UA let my luggage sit for only a day and a bit in Frankfurt while I was staying in Pleasanton, CA. And last weekend all my team mates flying in from Mexico to Nashua … [ Read more ]

Airline mess – what a journey

What a day, what a journey …

Flew this noon from Munich to Zuerich for catch my ongoing flight to San Francisco with Swiss. And that day did start very well as Lufthansa messed up the connection flight by 42 minutes for a 35 minute flight. And as I was obviously the only passenger connection to San Francisco nobody picked me up at the airplane to bring me directly to my connection as Swiss did for the 8 passengers connection to Miami. So I missed my flight. What a start – and many thanks to Lufthansa. I was not … [ Read more ]