Transportable Tablespaces – Example and strange error with a PDB

Yesterday I was browsing around for a useful simple example to test Transportable Tablespaces. A colleague mailed with the other day with a strange error message. The attempt to import into a PDB in Oracle 19c failed. My first thought: Oh, this is simple. But I failed, too. And even worse, I couldn’t find a single useful note in MyOracle Support (MOS) for ORA-31640, ORA-27037, Linux-x86_64 Error: 2 with Additional information: 7. So I decided to summarize this in Transportable Tablespaces – Example and strange error with a PDB.

A simple Transportable Tablespace

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Different MOS Notes for xTTS PERL scripts – Use V4 scripts

A long time ago my colleagues published PERL scripts to assist especially with cross platform Transportable Tablespace migrations. The PERL scripts allow you to utilize incremental backups. This way you can decrease the downtime in a migration with large databases significantly. But there are different MOS Notes for xTTS PERL scripts available. Which one should you take?

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Transportable Tablespaces and Incremental Backups

The biggest pain points in a transportable tablespace migration are usually the size of the database and its complexity. With RMAN Incrementally Rolled Forward Backups you can tackle the size aspect. Instead of having a long downtime …

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Fallback Strategies with Full Transportable Export/Import

Fallback Strategies with Full Transportable Export/ImportI received an interesting question about how to implement Fallback Strategies with Full Transportable Export/Import several times within the past weeks. So it may be a good idea to showcase some possible scenarios.

Full Transportable Export/Import is an Oracle 12c feature which allows you to do a transportable tablespace migration but Data Pump will take away all the manual steps with only one command. You may need to have markers to revert to in order to avoid restarting the entire operation from scratch again.

And there are some special behaviors to know about, at first with Full Transportable Export/Import but …

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Transportable Tablespaces – Does it work between SE2 and EE?

Transportable Tablespaces - Does it work between SE2 and EE?I thought I had blogged about this topic already. But it seems to be that I stored this information somewhere else. Randomly I receive this question: Oracle Transportable Tablespaces – Does it work between SE2 and EE?

In addition often the question gets precised: Does it work in both directions or just one-way?

Transportable Tablespaces and Full Transportable Export/Import

Please find more information about these two very common Oracle database migration features:

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OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day

I was shocked. Positively. We’ve had a packed room on Wednesday at Oracle Open World 2017 for our talk together with Jay Barnhart of Centric Consulting on How to Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day. And we’ve had so much fun. Thanks for coming by, thanks for being so active. This makes all the travel and the stress really worth it.

OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day

I gave a quick overview about all Transportable Tablespaces techniques, about how to use the PERL scripts to deal with very …

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Transportable Tablespaces and READ ONLY in Oracle Database 12c

We recently worked with a customer who noticed that they were not able to use transportable tablespaces to connect the same tablespace data files to two databases at the same time, even after setting the tablespaces READ ONLY in SQL*Plus. This is new behavior in 12c, and many customers are not yet aware of this change. Here are the details of what changed, why, and how you might want to deal with it if the changes affect your environment.

What Changed?

Starting in 12.1, data pump sets tablespaces read write during the import phase of a transportable tablespace …

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Transportable Tablespaces – Characters Sets – Same same but different?

All credits go to Don Wolf, an Oracle Advanced Customer Support engineer from Ohio as he dug out this information 🙂 Thanks Don!

Do database character sets have to match EXACTLY for Transportable Tablespaces?

That sounds like a simple question. When you look into our big slide deck the answer will be a straight “Yes”. No doubts. Regardless if you would like to do Transportable Tablespaces or Full Transportable Export/Import your sources and your target’s database character sets must be equal. Otherwise Data Pump won’t allow you to process the meta data import.

But Don was wondering about slightly differing …

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Note:1389592.1 Public – Speed Up Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces (xTTS) with RMAN Incremental Backups

As we have already mentioned in our recent workshops the MOS Note:1389592.1 is public now:

  • MOS Note:1389592.1
    Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backups

This technique currently works for migrations to Linux64 and is supported by Oracle Support for Exadata migrations only. It utiliuzes RMAN incremental backups to reduce the large amount of downtime it takes to copy and convert the datafiles cross Endianness.

Two requirements must be met to use this new functionality:

  • Oracle plus Exadata BP12 (patch 12982245)
  • One-off patch 13340675 contains the RMAN extension and is currently available on top of BP12 on
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