Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Recap and Slides

This was a wonderful but very strenuous week, no doubt. Oracle Cloud World (OCW) 2022 happened in Las Vegas. New name, new city. And even though many agreed to prefer San Francisco with an Oracle Open World instead having such an event in Sin City, there were a lot of great things happening. So let me start my personal summary here, the Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Recap and Slides.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Recap and Slides

Our labs and talks

It was amazing to see you all in our 4 sessions, 4 labs and 2 lightning talks. Since the registration process was a bit …

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Why I love the German, Austrian and Swiss customers – a DOAG 2022 conference recap

Wow – this was a tough week in Nürnberg at DOAG 2022 Conference. It started with a lot of rain. And I mean RAIN. Luckily I packed my umbrella last minute before going to the train station. But before I tell you a bit about this week, and why it was so incredibly important to be at DOAG 2022, let me tell you at first why I love the German, Austrian and Swiss customers –  a DOAG 2022 conference recap.


At first, a big THANK YOU

And before I write something about “my” week, let me give a

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OOW 2019 – Database Upgrade Talks and Labs

Oh … time flies so fast. Just a few days until I will sit in a airplane to SFO. And on Monday at 7:00h the registration opens. As we have a lab at 8:30h already, just remembering the loooooong lines around the block last year, I will need to be there very early. It’s just a few days until OOW 2019 – Database Upgrade Talks and Labs information is here.

OOW – Oracle Open World 2019 in San Francisco

OOW 2019 - Database Upgrade Talks and Labs

Photo by Robert McLay on Unsplash

When? September 16-19, 2019

Where? San Francisco, USA

What? Find the session catalog here

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OOW 2018 is coming – and we’ll have 4 talks and 4 labs

OOW 2018 is coming - and we'll have 4 talks and 4 labs

OOW 2018 is coming – and we’ll have 4 talks and 4 labs. We are excited and look forward to a very busy OOW. And those who say, OOW is marketing only, please come by to our talks and visit our labs to find out that we don’t do marketing.

OOW 2018 is coming – and we’ll have 4 talks and 4 labs

Oracle Open World 2018 will be a busy conference for us. And we are so happy to have customers talking with us in each of our 4 talks. In addition, we’ll have a Hands-On Lab every day …

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UKOUG: SIG (RAC, Cloud, Database, …) – 12 Oct 2016

Wow … time flies …

I think it was February or March this year when I’d got invited to the UKOUG SIG for RAC, Database, Cloud, Infrastructure in London on Oct 12, 2016. Just a week ago I looked into my calendar and realized: Book a flight. Now! We have to arrange travel at least 7 days before departure as otherwise extra approvals may be required. Time flies …

Oracle Database 12.2.0

The room number in the picture above was the one of my hotel room in Baku earlier this year in May 😉

And of course on Wednesday I will talk about …

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OOW 2016: Where are the slides? And the lab?

OOW16 is not over yet. Still one day to go. Or walk. My average walking distance per day so far is almost 11km per day or 13500 steps according to my cell phone.

We’ve had one talk so far, our “Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12.2 – Live and Uncensored” on Monday, 3 of 4 Hands-On-Labs, all fully sold out – and tomorrow we’ll have the final lab and the 2nd presentation “Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c” in Moscone South 302 at 9:30am.

Today I just realized that the “wonderful” OOW iPhone app …

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Oracle Open World 2016 – Recommended Customer Talks

At OOW 2016 there are some customer talks from customers we worked with or at least were involved in their project plans. We highly recommend the talks below.

British Telecom has such an ambitious upgrade and migration project for really MANY databases. I’m looking forward to David’s talk. We met at UKOUG TECH15 and I promise it will be a very interesting insight presentation.

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Oracle Open World 2016 – Upgrade Talks / HOL

Just a few weeks until Oracle Open World 2016 Conference will kick off. September 18-22, 2016 in San Francisco.

For us it is usually the most busiest week of the year. But also a great experience every year with so many good discussions and meetings. It’s very intense.

Since a few hours the OOW16 Session Catalog is online with the schedule (but it still misses the rooms).

This is the list of our talks and HOL sessions:

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OTN Tour LAD – Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala

OTN Tour Latin America 2016 is ready to take off

And for me it’s the first time in 4 years that I won’t be able to participate. Which is very sad as it is such a great thing to meet all these wonderful people, not only from the User Groups doing all the orga stuff but also discussing with customers, learning from skilled and knowledgeable co-presenters, the entire travel, the wonderful cities … I miss this already. Maybe next year …

Nevertheless, the Database Upgrade team will present – and thanks to the tour organizers for accepting the talks of …

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UKOUG Tech 2015 – Summary & Slides

My first UKOUG Conference is over.

Actually it was over yesterday already for me as I had to head back to Germany. I would have loved to stay a bit longer and pick more of the many excellent presentations. I visited a few – and all of them were great. It was a tough choice as there were too many interesting things going on at the same time. Only finding the right room was sometimes a bit of a challenge 😉

And I would like to have met more and talked to more people. But time was very limited. I …

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UKOUG Tech 2015 – 3 Talks – Upgrades & Consolidation

UKOUG 2015- I'ma aSpeaker

UKOUG Tech 2015 Conference will begin on Monday, Dec 7, 2015. But there will be some activities on Sunday as well.

It will be my first time at UKOUG’s conference. It will happen in Birmingham/UK in the ICC.

Looking forward to meet great customers, experts and colleagues.

I’m happy to be invited to deliver 3 talks:

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DOAG Conference 2015 – My Talks

Guess how I realize that it’s just 4 weeks and a bit towards Christmas?

When DOAG (German Oracle User Group) Conference is happening in my hometown Nürnberg in mid November every year. And this year’s DOAG may be my 14th DOAG Conference as far as I remember.

Really looking forward to is as it is THE SPOT to meet with many German customers, some of them good friends, many many familiar faces, the DOAG leaders who all do a fantastic job – and I’ll have the chance to see a lot of great presentations and learn a lot from experts, …

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OOW 2015 – Upgrade Hundreds and Thousands

Uhh .. OOW15 is finally over.

Lots of work – tons of great input – and so many excellent discussions with customers, users and Oracle ACE’s.

Just in case you’d like to download our slides please find the in the Slides Download Center:

And find the Hands-On-Lab here including the Howto description:

Thanks again – and hope to see you again

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OOW 2015 – Upgrade and Migration Talks

Oracle Open World 2015 will kick off in a day and a bit.
And still some work to do 😉

A few things I would like to mention:

  • Our four HOLs are all overbooked already with many people on the waiting lists. You can always come by and wait in line at the Nikko Hotel’s Golden Gate lab room as some people don’t show up. But no guarantee. What I would recommend to you in case you are interested in the lab but didn’t get a seat:Come to our talk instead on Monday at 1:30pm as Roy and I
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