Oracle GoldenGate 18c is finally available

It took a while – and my blog post is a bit late due to OOW as well. But Oracle GoldenGate 18c is finally available since Oct 19, 2018. And it brings Oracle Database 18c support.

Oracle GoldenGate 18c is finally available

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

Oracle GoldenGate 18c is finally available

You can download it from the usual sources:

The new release includes for the Oracle database:

  • Oracle Database 18c Support
    Capture and Delivery support for Oracle Database 18c, cloud and on-premises
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Support
    Easily connect to ADWC and ATP to deliver
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Minimum Supported Version for Database Upgrades

This question comes up very often: What is the minimum supported version for database upgrades? Or a question I received today: “I have an Oracle database, can I upgrade directly to Oracle”

Usually I have to dig into my old slides from the past to give a definite answer. And of course, the Database Upgrade Guide of each version has the same information somewhere as well. Therefore I’d like to summarize the releases supported for direct database upgrades since Oracle below.


When I speak about database upgrades, I mean you’ll use either the command line

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