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Oracle Long Term Support vs Innovation Releases

Earlier this week I wrote about the recent exciting news: Oracle Database 19c Premier Support extended by more than 1 year. But if you went to MOS 742060.1 to read the fine print, you may have spotted another change as well: A differentiation between Oracle Long Term Support vs Innovation Releases.

Oracle Long Term Support vs Innovation Releases

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What is a Long Term Support Release?

MOS 742060.1 explains:

Oracle Database Long Term Releases are ideal for use cases that benefit from less frequent upgrades to newer releases. Long Term Releases offer the highest level of stability and the l

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Why you seriously can’t wait for the second release!

Premier Support for Oracle Database 11.2 has ended 4 weeks ago at 31-January-2015. 

I think most Oracle DBAs are aware of it. And I have stressed the topic about the need to upgrade to Oracle Database a lot in the past months via the blog, in workshops and in discussions and customer meetings.

But there are still plenty of people out there you would like to wait for Oracle Database 12.2, the so called “secondrelease. From looking backwards I can understand this thinking. Neither Oracle 9.0 nor Oracle 10.1 were the best and most …

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