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How to skip a Fixup in AutoUpgrade

In this blog post I’d like to demonstrate how to skip a fixup in AutoUpgrade. This can be very useful in cases where you know that an issue may happen. Recently we saw several cases with unexpected long runtime for the gathering of fixed objects stats.

How to skip a Fixup in AutoUpgrade

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Analyze Mode

During the analyze phase, AutoUpgrade creates a <SID>_checklist.cfg file. You will find it in your job’s prechecks subdirectory, e.g.


My SID is DB12, and 100 is the job number.

This is how the db12_checklist.cfg looks in my example:

[SID]          [DB12]
[container]          [DB12]
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Differences between Automatic Statistics Gathering job and GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS

Recently a customer raised a question whether there are differences between the Automatic Statistics Gathering job and a manual creation of stats via the GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS procedure.

The results in performance were quite interesting. Performance after an upgrade from Oracle Database to Oracle Database was not good when the automatic stats job got used. But performance changed significantly to the better when schema stats were created with the downside of taking more resources during the gathering.

Is the Automatic Stats Gathering job enabled?

That question can be answered quite easily. There’s a very good [MOS Note has been disappeared] …

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DBMS_STATS. GATHER_DICTIONARY_STATS fails with ORA-20001 ORA-6502 ORA-6512 – Concurrent Stats

I really have to say “Thank you very much” to the people out there alerting me about issues I haven’t seen before. Just in the past week I’ve got to learn about three issues which are related to the upgrade – and I haven’t seen before. Please don’t expect me always to follow up with the progress of your SRs or the related bugs. But your experiences are such an important source for me – so thanks again!

The most recent issue (thanks to Bernd Tuba from MM Warburg) …


execute dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats

ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value 
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