Upgrade fails with ORA-20001 during datapatch run

I encountered this issue now multiple times in my own environment. And I searched MOS and tried different things. But I couldn’t solve it yet. My Upgrade fails with ORA-20001 during datapatch run – and I’d like to show you how to bring the upgrade to an successful end.

Upgrade fails with ORA-20001 during datapatch run

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It all starts with an upgrade

In my lab environment I upgrade two databases often in parallel. An database and a The upgrades always flawless. But the occasionally fails. This is the screen AutoUpgrade is showing me – but this is not …

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Don’t get puzzled by “sqlpatch” messages during Upgrade

During my last Hands-On-Labs in Uruguay and Argentina I’ve had several people wondering about these messages below when running the command line upgrade with catctl.pl:

catctl.pl - sqlpatch

This (and another) message breaks the nicely structured format of the catctl.pl output. And as it ends with an “err” extension it looks to many people as if the upgrade had gotten an error,

But please don’t feel disturbed. It’s just messages from sqlpatch invocation – and the “err” extension is just pointing to an error file in case something has gone wrong.

In a future release such messages …

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