Binary patching is slow because of the inventory

The headline of this blog post may sound a bit cryptic: Binary patching is slow because of the inventory. But actually this seems to be one of the main causes when your binary patching gets slower and slower with every patch you apply.

The more you patch, the worse it gets

Well, this is a tough headline. But you may have read my blog posts about my quarterly patching experience. It actually started with the July 2021 RU in my 19c environment when I wrote:

At least in my environment, both checks with the

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How to speed up your database and GI patching

Several of you mailed me already and commented. And I know that I promised this blog post for weeks, if not longer. So let me try to explain How to speed up your database and GI patching. Since this blog post has a longer history, I’d say far over 6 months, it will be a bit longer than the usual posts. At when I started writing it, I decided to split it up into several pieces to make it more digestible but also to allow easier finding of certain topics. I hope it may help easing some recent patching …

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Speed up Upgrade Phase 65 with a new catuposb.sql

Credits to Chris Smids from Proximus in Belgium 🙂 Thanks, Chris!!!

Upgrade to Oracle is slow in phase: #65 ?

You are wondering why phase: #65 of the database upgrade to Oracle Database takes quite a while. You dig down into the catupgrd0.log and recognized this statement taking a while:

dbms_output.put_line('catuposb, update 4 - rows updated ' || rows_updated);
END; -- end of update for system internally generated objs

The cause for this issue is buried in the script catuposb.sql hitting stale histograms which did not get refreshed even if you gathered dictionary stats before the upgrade …

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Query on ALL_SYNONYMS is slow in Oracle Database 12c

A customer (Thanks Stefano!) alerted me on this issue during a workshop and I did some further investigation. Basic headline is:

Query on ALL_SYNONYMS is very slow in Oracle Database compared to 11g.

The workaround for this  21324443: SLOW QUERY IN 12C ON ALL_SYNONYMS. is:

=>100, method_opt => 'for columns flags size 1, spare3 size 254, type# size 254');

and I see that at least 8 other customers opened SRs hitting the same issue.
Does the workaround suit you in any way?

The bug had no progress since it was opened. If you are seeking progress …

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