Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon :)

I stopped more or less watching Champions League football since it is available on pay TV only for over a year in Germany. But of course I saw the result yesterday: Barca lifting Dortmund into the play-off stage by beating Inter in Milano. Well, I guess, all BVB fans will have celebrated yesterday night. Still, the reason for my blog post is not football. But I’d like to say Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon 🙂

On Monday, Dec 9, 2019, I held a full day upgrade workshop in Barcelona. The Oracle ACS team did all …

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Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c

This is a short “Black Friday” blog post. And just if you are tired already of hunting supposed-to-be-bargain-buys, you may need something to relax – and watch this Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c.

Video: Best Practices to Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c

Roy recorded it as part of the Quest Experience Week. We’d like to share it with you here.

Just click on the picture below to open a new TAB and watch the 1 hour video:


If you are looking for the slide deck, you can download them from:



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DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint

Nürnberg and München are just 175 km away from each other, a bit more than 1 hour by train. Still I felt a post-conference blues already when I boarded the ICE train yesterday to head back to the south. It was an awesome conference – again. Except for one thing which I will write about below. So here’s my report on DOAG 2019 – Recap and a personal complaint.

DOAG 2019 - Recap and a personal complaint

Photo by Philippe Mignot on Unsplash

DOAG 2019 – What an agenda

I knew it before already. But my VP, Roy Swonger, visited DOAG Conference in Nürnberg for the first time. …

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New version of Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c uploaded

Please apologize that it took me a bit longer to upload a new version of our comprehensive slide deck. You can download now a new version of “Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c” via the blog’s download page.

New version of Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c uploaded

Why is there a new version?

Since Oracle Open World 2019 we have a new corporate template. And while I like the graphics quite a bit, I’d say, the people who built it have a good sense for graphics. But they aren’t powerpoint experts. In fact, almost every slide had to be adjusted. This may not be a huge …

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Oracle Open World 2019 – Recap and Thank You!

OOW 2019 has ended over one week ago – and I just wrote the date for OOW 2020 into my calendar: Oct 4, /2020 –  Oct 8, 2020 – at least according to the events calendar of Moscone Center. But lets not talk about OOW20 but instead about my summary for Oracle Open World 2019 – Recap and Thank You!

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!As usual, this was not a week to relax or hang out in all the nice places in San Francisco. OOW for me means usually a lot of stress. There are so many things we need to prepare. From …

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Oracle Open World 2018 – Recap, Slides, Impressions – and a BIG THANK YOU!

Oracle Open World 2018 is over since two weeks now. And for me it was the by far busiest OOW ever. We had 4 presentations, 4 labs, 12 customer CVCs, several other customer appointments … and I wouldn’t want to miss a single one. It was a lot of work – but meeting with these customers, the discussions after the talks, at the hallways, at the lab, that is so important for us. With a distance of several thousand kilometers and 2 weeks, I’m writing Oracle Open World 2018 – Recap, Slides – and a BIG THANK YOU!

Oracle Open

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RMOUG Training Days 2018 in Denver – Recap

The Rocky Mountain User Group (RMOUG) Training Days 2018 are over. And I’d like to say THANK YOU with a short RMOUG Training Days 2018 in Denver – Recap.

RMOUG Training Days 2018 in Denver – Recap

First of all a BIG Thank You to the organizers. I’d bet this was a lot of hard work to organize such a huge event with so many excellent presentations in parallel streams, the exhibitor space, the food and everything else. And it really was worth to take to long flight from Munich to Denver (11 hrs – but luckily non-stop).

Denver welcomed …

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Slides and Recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

Thanks for your patience. I have received a good amount of calls, emails and messages in the past weeks when the slides for DOAG and UKOUG will be available. And they are now including the “New Release and Patching Model” talk. Find slides and recap – DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017 here.

Recap DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

Wow – the year is almost over. Time flies. Time for a quick recap of the last two conferences I attended and spoke at in 2017: DOAG and UKOUG.

DOAG 2017

Slides and Recap - DOAG 2017 and UKOUG 2017

DOAG (German Oracle User Group Conference) is always very special to …

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OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day

I was shocked. Positively. We’ve had a packed room on Wednesday at Oracle Open World 2017 for our talk together with Jay Barnhart of Centric Consulting on How to Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day. And we’ve had so much fun. Thanks for coming by, thanks for being so active. This makes all the travel and the stress really worth it.

OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate 100 TB databases in less than one day

I gave a quick overview about all Transportable Tablespaces techniques, about how to use the PERL scripts to deal with very …

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OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate to the Oracle Cloud

Thanks for coming to Roy’s and Julian Dontcheff‘s presentation about How to migrate to the Oracle Cloud – 13 different techniques and customer experiences on Tuesday at Oracle Open World 2017. The talk was very well attended, I saw many people taking pictures and notes.

OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Migrate to the Oracle Cloud

Personally I liked the talk a lot as it gives a very good (and very rare) complete overview on techniques how to migrate to the Oracle Cloud, advantages, use cases, database versions, where to use it. This all garnished with the experience Accenture has …

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OOW 2017 – Slides Download: Upgrade to Oracle 12.2 – Customer Cases

Thank you for coming by to our talk at Oracle Open World 2017: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Customer Cases. It was a pleasure to have so many people attending. And I’m really proud about the support we’ve had by Alain Fuhrer and Paolo Kreth from Swiss Mobiliar Insurance and Daniel Overby Hansen from Danish SimCorp.

As we promised, we did no marketing. Only real customers with real environments. All on Oracle Database live and in production.

Alain was with me on stage and he did a fantastic job showcasing Mobiliar’s project about upgrading over 300 databases …

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OTN Tour South America 2017: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil

Time flies – and the OTN Tour South America 2017: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil is over for me. I’m back home.

OTN Tour South America 2017: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil

But Id like to thank many people. It was an awesome tour again. I participated for the forth time. And I learned a lot again. From customers who discussed their upgrades and migrations with me. From the other presenters who did a terrific job.

OTN Tour South America 2017: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil

A very big Thank You to all the people who organized the events. I liked it a lot. And you deserve a lot of credits for …

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Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Slides are available

The workshops in Brussels and Utrecht were awesome with great audience – I enjoyed both events a lot. And thanks for your patience with my voice and the microphone issues we’ve had in Brussels before lunch.

I promised the workshop slides – and here they are, ready for download:

Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2 and the Cloud

Slides Oracle 12.2 Upgrade Migrate Consolidate

Please be aware: It’s the first drop of the slides, not everything has been updated yet for Oracle Database 12.2, and of course there are no 12.2 customer examples in the slides yet. But as usual, if you …

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SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016 – Recap + Slides

The past weeks were very intense. I’ve been to Japan for customer meetings and a Dev Day and an internal workshop, then on to China for an internal training, then to India for SANGAM conference and afterwards to Nürnberg for DOAG, the German Oracle User’s Group conference. And UKOUG is just in two weeks …

You’ll find the slides of my talks here:

and in the Slides Download Center.

Thanks again to the organizers of SANGAM and DOAG for such i…

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OOW 2016: Slides and HOL Download

Sorry for any delay but Roy and I promised to make our OOW 2016 slides available right after the talks. And some people were asking already where they are.

For internal people you’ll find them via the usual sources on

But customers will have to wait until Oracle Database 12.2 is available in the Cloud as it got announced at OOW during the keynotes.

What you can get right now:

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OOW 2016: Where are the slides? And the lab?

OOW16 is not over yet. Still one day to go. Or walk. My average walking distance per day so far is almost 11km per day or 13500 steps according to my cell phone.

We’ve had one talk so far, our “Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12.2 – Live and Uncensored” on Monday, 3 of 4 Hands-On-Labs, all fully sold out – and tomorrow we’ll have the final lab and the 2nd presentation “Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c” in Moscone South 302 at 9:30am.

Today I just realized that the “wonderful” OOW iPhone app …

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OOW 2015 – Upgrade Hundreds and Thousands

Uhh .. OOW15 is finally over.

Lots of work – tons of great input – and so many excellent discussions with customers, users and Oracle ACE’s.

Just in case you’d like to download our slides please find the in the Slides Download Center:

And find the Hands-On-Lab here including the Howto description:

Thanks again – and hope to see you again

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New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Good news – finally we publish a new version of our big upgrade/migrate/consolidate slide deck:

And don’t be scared – we reached now the 600 slide count 😉

New topics included (and subject to more extension within the next weeks) are:

  • Why you seriously can’t wait for Oracle Database
  • Unicode Migration with DMU
  • Migrate into the Cloud 
  • Single Tenant
  • RMAN incremental backups speeding up Full Transportable Export/Import

and many more …

Sorry that we didn’t keep track in the “Change Log” at the end of the deck. But there were …

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New version of the BIG 12c SLIDE DECK available

I’m not on vacation right now. I’m just very busy traveling between customer onsite visits, customer meetings and workshops, internal and external workshops, testing sessions … and so on …

A lot of stuff has been stacked up in my inbox regarding changes in Oracle 12c, changed behavior – and thanks for your inputs. I will blog on it as soon as I have understood the issue and the solution – so plenty of stuff should come in the next weeks 😉

Just end of last week Roy and I uploaded a new version of our BIG slide deck – …

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REPLAY and Slides for Webcast “Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c” for ISVs/Partners – Apr 2015

Thanks for attending today’s webcast about
“Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c – and why you should upgrade”.

Webcast Why Upgrade 12c

Please access the slides via this link:

Webcast Slides – Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c

And for those who couldn’t participate here’s the replay of the 45 minute Webcast:

REPLAY Webcast “Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c”

Thanks 🙂



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New Slide Decks Uploaded:
Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c and
Parallel Multitenant Upgrade Internals

It’s time for a few updates and slide uploads 🙂 And thanks again to all the great people in Madrid earlier this week. It was a fantastic day – I enjoyed it a lot and wish you all successful upgrades and migrations 🙂

What’s new?

  • A refreshed version of our huge Oracle Database 12c “Upgrade, Migrate & Consilidate” slide deck. Now with 530 slides – kudos to Tom Kyte who gave me a lot of food for thought after his excellent talk at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 TOKYO. I had to add a few slides later on making
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Slides for the OTN LAOUC 2014 Tour

Roy has done the OTN Tour 2014 in Brazil, Peru and Chile this week – and I will fly out on the weekend towards Argentina to present at the OTN Tour in Buenos Aires, and afterwards in Montevideo in Uruguay.

In case you would like to download the slide decks (even though we would recommend to download the big slide deck) please find them in the Slides Download Center to the right.

CU next week (if I can unfold my legs after an almost

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New Slides + Workshop Recap:
Luxembourg, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva & Baden

The first 5 of a long workshop run are over. Thanks for coming in, your patience for hundreds of slides and plenty of new (and some old) stuff. I really enjoyed seeing you and talking to you in Luxembourg, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva and Baden in the last 3 weeks.

And credits go to my colleagues Bernd Jodocy, Johan Vanden Bossche, Erwin Sulzgruber, Roger Wullschleger, Christiane Schlüter and all the others for setting up the events so well, did the inviations, assisted before, during and after the workshops – and gave me taxi rides between airports and locations. …

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