Some Seoul Impressions – 09/2015

A very intense week in Seoul, Korea, is over – and Roy and I both returned a bit sick 😉 The pleasures of traveling …

But thanks to all our colleagues who did all the orga work, to everybody who traveled from near and far to our 2 day internal workshop (and I still remember many names 🙂 – it was great fun to spend those two days with all of you) – and of course the the customers and partners we’ve had the pleasure either to visit or come to our workshop.… [Read More]

Beijing, Seoul – and OTN Tour Tokyo – just in one week

Uhhh … next week will be a tough traveling experience. 19870 km (12347 mi), all in cattle class on 4 different airlines.

I tried to avoid Lufthansa as they canceled recently flights I heavily relied on – with no reason! And there’s still a huge risk of announcing just their 9th strike within a year and a bit.… [Read More]

Hurry up!
The next round of workshops is almost fully booked!

We’ve had a short email exchange today with the organizers of the following round of workshops in Australia and Asia – and you should really hurry up in case you plan to attend as some locations are already overbooked.

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Where’s Gangnam?

When somebody did mention “PSY” during a dinner at OOW this year with customers and colleagues from Korea I was completely clueless. I even didn’t understand correctly who or what “PSY” is. I did forget about that until last week as a German online magazine did report on over 500 mio youtube hits for “Gangnam Style“.… [Read More]

Some impressions from Seoul and Beijing

There was not much time left to walk around and take some pictures during our fully packed workshop week in Seoul and Beijing. But as I have my camera almost always in my pocket I took some pictures … 🙂

Seoul View

Seoul Food … yes … BEEF … wonderfully thin sliced beef on the barbecue grid

Tumbling Seoul
(that’s exactly how I felt in the morning after our night at Peter, Paul and Mary’s (see below)).
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The best Bar on the globe is … in Seoul/Korea

As you know already sometimes I write about things which really don’t have to do anything with a database upgrade. So if you are looking for tips and tricks and articles about that topic please stop reading now 🙂

Actually I’m not a lets-go-to-a-bar person. I enjoy good food and a fine dessert wine afterwards.… [Read More]