Virtual Classroom Seminar 18: Cross Platform Migration to the Extreme

This week on Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 16:00h CET we’d like to invite you to our next Virtual Classroom Seminar 18: Cross Platform Migration to the Extreme. Take the chance to learn about the newest developments in cross-platform transportable tablespace migrations – and there is a lot to talk about.

Virtual Classroom Seminar 18: Cross Platform Migration to the Extreme

Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

What will be the topics?

We’ll not only discuss but also demonstrate the newest developments and improvements in cross-platform migrations, especially for large and active databases. Learn about the new M5 migration scripts, see them in action – and get an idea …

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RUs contain now all available DST patches

At first, Happy New Year everybody. There was silence on the blog for some weeks but I took an extended longer time off. Well, and once you return, there are some emails in your inbox which need some work. You’ll see several new blog posts getting published in the coming days. Back to normal, yesterday night RU 19.18.0 among other patch bundles has been released. And there’s a huge fantastic surprise in it: RUs contain now all available DST patches.


What’s the story?

There are some good news. We discussed this internally …

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Script: Is your database ready for Oracle GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate can be a good addition to a lot of upgrade and migration projects to decrease the downtime to a bare minimum, or even zero in some cases.

But before you consider Oracle GoldenGate as THE solution to decrease your downtime you may evaluate if your database is ready for OGG. For this purpose you can download scripts from MyOracle Support (MOS) to check exactly this.

Complete Database Profile OGG readiness check for Classic Extract 

MOS Note:1298562.1:
GoldenGate database Complete Database Profile check script for Oracle

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