Databases need to be patched to a minimum before April 2019

Simon Pane from Pythian talked to me at OUGN (Oracle User Group Norway) Conference about a recently released alert in MyOracle Support saying “Databases need to be patched to a minimum before April 2019“. He was curious if I know more details. I did some investigation but shortly afterward the MOS Note got updated as well.… [Read More]

Fundamental Oracle flaw revealed??? Update …!

Writing a blog has a nice effect on the side: it brings me in touch with people I’ve never met – but we have similar targets or interests. Today I’ve received a comment from Gökhan Atil about the Fundamental Oracle Flaw known also as the SCN issue.

And for sure I did visit Gökhan’s blog and I did watch his very interesting 5 minutes demonstration how to bring down a database with the SCN issue.… [Read More]

Fundamental Oracle flaw revealed??? Really …?

This Infoworld article from Jan 17, 2012  Fundamental Oracle flaw revealed did alert Oracle database customers.Infoworld has raised this issue to Oracle before going public with it. Patches are included in the Jan 2012 CPU and PSU. So again, it’s strongly recommended to apply the Jan 2012 PSU (or CPU if you are just asking for security fixes) to your environments.… [Read More]