Virtual Classroom Seminar 12: Migrating Very Large Databases on Dec 9, 2021

It looks to me that every possible event in 2021 happens in October/November/December 2021. No complaint from my side – but just in case you wonder about so little update activity on our blogs since weeks. We are just so busy in delivering virtual seminars. Which is good – but it requires lots of effort on our side as we want to deliver decent quality and real tech content. And now, since the year is almost at its end, it is time for our final Virtual Classroom Seminar 12: Migrating Very Large Databases on Dec 9, 2021 this year.

Virtual Classroom Seminar 12: Migrating Very Large Databases  on Dec 9, 2021


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AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy

In our Fallback talk we promote a backup strategy for large DWHs and database which are on purpose in NOARCHIVELOG mode. But last week I learned that there is something important to know about AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy. Otherwise you may hit a

AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy

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Partial Offline Backup Strategy?

I won’t explain in all details what this is. If you’d like to read more, please find all the necessary information on my blog post from July 17, 2018:

with graphics included. In brief, you take …

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Troubleshooting, Restoring and Restarting AutoUpgrade

What if … something goes wrong during your database upgrade with AutoUpgrade? Of course, this never happens. But just in case, no worries – one of the really big advantages of AutoUpgrade (and the command line upgrade with “dbupgrade” as well) is its resumability and restartablity. But in this blog post I would like to cover a bit more. I will show you more details on Troubleshooting, Restoring and Restarting AutoUpgrade.

Troubleshooting, Restoring and Restarting AutoUpgrade

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And as often, the cause for this blog post is an email from Hervé Schweitzer, the CTO of dbi-services. Hervé told …

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Ouch, this hurts: bug 21923026 – patch Oracle 12c Home before upgrading if you have OLTP Compression in 11g


Actually I’d consider this as a real serious issue which may affect many customers with larger deployments using the Advanced Compression Option’s OLTP Compression.

I came across it as Don Seiler full of anger twittered some bad words about Oracle Database We’ve exchanged a good number of emails – and I could see the issues Don and his colleagues got while assisting a customer to go live on Oracle Database 12c.

The most interesting one happened on the physical standby after the primary got upgraded. The MRP failed with an ORA-600.


After upgrading from Oracle to …

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Upgrade Fallback: Offline Backup??

When me an Roy talk about Fallback Scenarios in our Upgrade Workshop we cover first issues happening during the upgrade and second issues happening a few days (hours, weeks) after the upgrade.

One of the fallback options for issues encountered during the upgrade is to take an offline backup. Ok, not a complete offline backup of your 24TB database. Take all data tablespaces into read-only mode, then shutdown the database. Take a backup of all datafiles for SYSTEM, SYSAUX and UNDO plus the controlfiles plus the redologs. TEMP files are not a requirement as you could …

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