Why I love the German, Austrian and Swiss customers – a DOAG 2022 conference recap

Wow – this was a tough week in Nürnberg at DOAG 2022 Conference. It started with a lot of rain. And I mean RAIN. Luckily I packed my umbrella last minute before going to the train station. But before I tell you a bit about this week, and why it was so incredibly important to be at DOAG 2022, let me tell you at first why I love the German, Austrian and Swiss customers –  a DOAG 2022 conference recap.


At first, a big THANK YOU

And before I write something about “my” week, let me give a

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Upgrade Seminars 1 and 2 – A quick recap, slides download and more

Thank you for participating in the first two seminars. Roy and I did already the “Release and Patching Strategy” webinar on Tuesday, June 23. And today  “AutoUpgrade to Oracle 19c”. So it time for Upgrade Seminars 1 and 2 – A quick recap, slides download and more.

Upgrade Seminars 1 and 2 - A quick recap, slides download and more

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Slides Download

I uploaded the slides already to Of course, I will upload the other slide decks as well to the same location.

Seminar Recordings

As soon as the recordings page has been completed, we will send out an email. And I will post the links …

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Upgrade Workshops 2014 – Summary

2014 is almost over. Time for a quick review 🙂

Roy and I would like to thank you for attending at our workshops throughout the globe. We’ve delivered more workshops than ever before. Most of them in Europe and Asia, but we did visit also South and Middle America, Australia and – well – the US of course.

See here the full workshop map:


We delivered in 2014:

  • 62 workshops and conferences
  • for almost 4500 attendees
    • 13x in Asia/Australia
    •  5x in South/Mid America
    • 15x
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Thank you for coming to our workshops :-)
And here’s the Upgrade to 12c Viewlet

Wow!!! That was a thrilling week. With great people in Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur!!! Thanks for coming by and thanks for listening. Now it will be your task to upgrade/migrate to Oracle Database 12c as soon as possible 😉

We’ve had:

  • 105 people in Singapore on Tueday, January 21
  • 82 people in Jakarta on Wednesday, January 22
  • 108 people in KL on Thursday, January 23

and many good discussions within the breaks or after the workshop. And thanks to those who send an email already.

For us heading out directly after the workshops to rush to the airport becomes …

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OOW 2013: Recap – Thanks a lot!!!

OOW 2013 is over for a while now. And yesterday we’ve received the session results from our talk and the HOL. And we have to say Thank You Very Much! For your time, for the great discussions, for your feedbacks. This is the highest session count we’ve had in the past years.

Generally my overall feeling this year was that database sessions were very well attended – and the two sessions I wanted to see in my limited spare time were already sold out. And we’ve really had so many great discussion at our booth 007 – and Joe was …

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Best Of 2010

Hi there,

in Australia, Japan, Singapore and many other countries it’s already 2011 – but in Germany and the US it’s still some time until midnight 🙂 To round up the year you’ll find a few off-topic pictures from 2010. You might click on the pictures to get a better resolution.

Enjoy …

2010_12_31_001.jpgMoscow – Red Square


2010_12_31_003.jpgTokyo Train – Cell Phone Mania


2010_12_31_004.jpgGreat Chinese Wall near Beijing


2010_12_31_005.jpgHong Kong by Night


2010_12_31_006.jpgYearing Station Winery, Yarra – Victoria, Australia


2010_12_31_008.jpgDublin, Ireland – during the ash cloud


2010_12_31_009.jpg– no comment –




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