Virtual Classroom: Performance Testing Using the Oracle Cloud for Upgrades and Migrations

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for May 19, 2021 – 10:00h CET

WE HAD TO MOVE IT FROM March 17 to May 19.

Virtual Classroom Web Seminar No.9:

Performance Testing Using the Oracle Cloud for Upgrades and Migrations

Everybody talks “cloud”, but what about the practicalities? We’ve already delivered a full 2-hour talk about how to migrate to the Oracle Cloud (“Move to the Cloud—Not Only for Techies”), and this time we’ll go beyond pure migration. How do you test? What are the best practices? And which special features can you expect in the various cloud deployments? We assume you have on-prem …

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3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated also in our second seminar. Below you find now 3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered.

3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered

Photo by Karl Lee on Unsplash

Your Questions, our Answers for Seminar 2: Upgrade and Performance

I this blog post I answer all questions from the second seminar about AutoUpgrade to Oracle 19c and Performance Stability. Please find the links to the other QAs for Seminar 1 (Release Strategy, Patching and Cool Features) and Seminar 3 (Migration to Multitenant) below in the Links section of this blog post.

39 We need
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Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Managebility

I know, there are so many blogs out there. Some are good and helpful, others are driven by marketing messages only. But I believe this one will become a really good one in the Oracle universe: Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Manageability.

Björn Bolltoft’s Blog: Oracle Database Managebility

First of all, let me say some words about Björn. I know Björn now for over 10 years. But he works even longer than I for Oracle. Björn joined Oracle Sweden in 1995. I bumped into Björn at our second Tech Challenge training. This is a hard-core training for geeks, …

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Remove components from Oracle’s kernel with chopt


I’ve had an interesting discussion today. Somebody removed OLAP with chopt – and got issues afterwards. My guess: chopt will only remove the binary option and is meant to be used before a database got created. But if you use it afterwards you’ll have to make sure to remove the dictionary components as well.

A while back a blogged about chopt already:

And there are some helpful Support Notes out there:

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Different Metrics for SPA (SQL Performance Analyzer)

I’m more the command line type of person. Once I’ve understand what’s going on behind the curtains I certainly switch to the GUI-click-click tools. But in the case of Real Application Testing – even though the support via the OEM GUI is excellent – sometimes I prefer to run my procedures from the command line and check my reports in the browser.

Recently Thomas, a colleague from Oracle ACS Support, and I were asking ourselves about the different comparison metrics for the SQL Performance Analyzer reporting We did scan the documentation but we found only examples but no complete …

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CSX Corporation Upgrades Databases 2x Faster With Oracle Real Application Testing

Wow – one of our reference projects went into the Yahoo Finance webpages. Carol Tagliaferri (my direct manager) worked with CSX, one of the largest US based railway companies, over a longer period together with the RAT team, and helped CSX to successfully upgrade and migrate their database landscape to Oracle Database 11.2.
Plus: We did present about CSX at Oracle Open World 2012 as this project is a perfect showcase for:

(a) an Upgrade project with many databases
(b) over a longer period of time
(c) using Real Application Testing decreasing the testing effort by factors!

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