AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB

I need to bring this blog post forward about AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB. Initially I planned to write this a bit later. But some of you had questions or were wondering why AutoUpgrade hasn’t done certain tasks. Hence, I’d like to clarify what AutoUpgrade can do, what it can’t and what you’ll have to do at the moment.

I refer to the AutoUpgrade tool as of July 2019. In later versions, one or the other restriction may be lifted. I will blog about it then as well.

AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB

AutoUpgrade – Step-by-step

  1. The new AutoUpgrade
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Where does the database link SYS_HUB come from?

This blog lives a lot from customer’s feedback and updates. And these days, Nicolas Jardot from dbi-services in Switzerland sent me an email asking: Where does the database link SYS_HUB come from? And if he can delete it or if it has any deeper purpose. Neither Google nor MOS reveal a lot of useful information

Where does the database link SYS_HUB come from?

Where does the database link SYS_HUB come from?

I took my vanilla 18.3.0 database in our hands-on lab and check:

column owner format a5
column db_link format a12
column username format a12
column host format a12

select con_id, owner, db_link, username, host from cdb_db_links;

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DBCA 12.2 does not update /etc/oratab in GI / RAC

DBCA 12.2 does not update /etc/oratab in GI / RACInteresting things happen. And I learned (credits to Arun Gupta and others) that there is a change in Oracle Database 12.2 environments I wasn’t aware: The DBCA 12.2 does not update /etc/oratab in GI / RAC environments. Let me give you some extra information and hints on this topic as it may cause some strange situations.

DBCA 12.2 does not update /etc/oratab in GI / RAC

Arun Gupta commented on the blog:

Another case in point. DBCA fails to update the /etc/oratab file in 12.2 when a database is created. There is no documentation of this behavior. So, I opened

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Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

Oracle Restart Deprecation announcementgot withdrawnVery good news for all customers using Oracle RESTART:
The Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn.

I have blogged in the past several times about Oracle RESTART of course either regarding upgrade, downgrade and patching:

And one of the customers I work with for quite a while, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance uses Oracle RESTART for all their Oracle Database environments:

The question all customers I deal with who use Oracle RESTART: How long will Oracle support it? And will there be a successor …

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Keep your patch versions between Grid Infrastructure and Databases Homes in synch

Patch RecommendationI’ve had some interesting discussions with Anil Nair, our RAC Product Manager and a customer in the past days. The customer was looking for a definite statement that they can have a higher version of Patch Set Updates (PSUs) or Proactive Bundle Patches (BPs) in the Database homes than in the Grid Infrastructure home managing the resources.

Can you have different PSU/BP versions between Database and GI homes?

Yes, you can have a higher version PSU or BP in the Database home than in the Grid Infrastructure home managing the resources. This is implicitly documented in MOS Note 337737.1 –

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DOAG Noon2Noon – Upgrade/Multitenant – 2.-3.2.2017

++++++ Sorry – this is a German event only thus I will write in German ++++++


DOAG Noon2Noon

Ich bin schon sehr gespannt.

Am 2. Februar 2017 wird im Intercity Hotel in Mainz das DOAG Noon2Noon zum Thema “Upgrade, Migration und Multitenant” stattfinden. Von 12:00h mittags bis 12:00h mittags am Folgetag. Der Praxisbezug steht im Vordergrund. Garniert mit kurzen Vorträgen.

In der praxisorientierten “Noon2Noon”-Veranstaltung wollen wir uns mit den Herausforderungen beim Upgrade nach Oracle 12c bzw. Oracle 12c Release 2 (falls diese zu diesem Zeitpunkt für On Premises Datenbanken freigegeben ist) auseinandersetzen. Das ungewöhnliche Format zielt auf Lösungsorientiertheit. Bei

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Upgrade the Operating System in a RAC Environment

Last week at the upgrade workshop in Budapest a customer had a interesting and – I believe – not uncommon question.

“How can I upgrade my Linux Operating System in my RAC environment without taking the entire cluster down?”

In this specific case the customer wanted to upgrade from RHEL 5.10 to RHEL6 or RHEL7.

Let’s assume it’s the typical 2-node-RAC where one wants to upgrade in a rolling fashion. And the data is stored within ASM.

  1. Drain Node 1 (i.e. take the workload off) – this will be the node getting upgraded first
  2. Remove Node 1 from the  cluster
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Grid Infrastructure PSU Jan 2015 – Am I too intolerant?

Germans are not only known for being precise and timely – but sometimes also for being too direct. Well, Roy could tell you stories … and I always honor his politeness 🙂

Enough about stereotypes. I work with a customer at the moment on their 12c upgrades. And I did recommend the most recent PSU (Patch Set Updates) for their Grid Infrastructure environments running Oracle Restart. Same of course for the database homes but this blog post will just name some findings I’ve had the other night when trying to apply the January 2015 GI PSU to my …

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Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database now mandatory in Oracle GI

During the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure you’ve had the an option to choose YES/NO to install the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database MGMTDB – but as of Oracle Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database now mandatory in Oracle GI

Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database now mandatory in Oracle GI

GIMR database now mandatory in Oracle GI

With Oracle Grid Infrastructure this choice has become obsolete and the above screen does not appear anymore. The GIMR database has become mandatory.

What do we stored in the GIMR?

In addition please see the

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PSU1 and PSU2: Datapatch Issues coverd in MOS Note

You may have read a posting dis-recommending PSU1 and PSU2 for Oracle Multitenant especially in RAC/GI environments earlier this week. Actually following a lot of internal discussions I will post some advice and clarification later this week.

Now I have an useful update:
Datapatch Issues are covered within a separate MOS Note making it easier to keep track and find workarounds for known issues.
Please see MOS Note:1609718.1 Datapatch Known Issues


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Upgrade to Grid Infrastructure – but OCR and VOTING on RAW?

Just received this question from a colleague these days:

“The current customer environment is on Linux with a 2 node RAC cluster having OCR and Voting Disks on RAW devices. Customer is concerned about the possibility of upgrading to 11gR2 Grid infrastructure first before they could upgrade to 12c Grid

Now the answer is written down in MOS Note 1572925.1:
How to Upgrade to 12c Grid Infrastructure if OCR or Voting File is on Raw/Block Devices

Basically the MOS Note says:
You will have to relocate your OCR/Voting to a supported device BEFORE you can upgrade …

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