Monitor progress of Oracle Data Pump impdp

This blog post is a quick brain dump. I realized that I have so many “blog posts to write” that I need to dump the ideas or information much quicker. So, feel free to comment and correct. These queries may be useful when you run a larger import, and you would like to monitor progress of Oracle Data Pump impdp.

Monitor Data Pump progress during impdp

To monitor the progress of Data Pump during impdp you can use the following queries.

What object types are left?

select unique object_type_seqno, object_type
from system.sys_import_full_01
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AutoUpgrade: Refresh Status Information automatically

I have heard and received this question several times. And I always pointed people to the status logs in AutoUpgrade’s logging directory. But I wasn’t aware how simple the monitoring can be. Kudos to my colleague Meir Burmanov from Oracle Israel for explaining me today how you can simply monitor AutoUpgrade: Refresh Status Information automatically. And as things progress quickly, and we have smart developers in the upgrade team, I had to refresh this blog post soon after. See below …

Like it – and it’s very simple

This won’t be a long …

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