Unified Auditing policies can slow down the upgrade

Unified Auditing policies can slow down the upgradeI posted several blog posts about Unified Auditing in the past. And recently a large customer in the UK alerted me about their upgrades with PDBs from 12.1 to 12.2 taking much longer when Unified Auditing policies were enabled. It looks like as if Unified Auditing policies can slow down the upgrade.

We did some further investigations. See the results below.

Unified Auditing

You find a good number of blog posts explaining how to migrate to Unified Auditing, the performance tweaks in Oracle and some other things:

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Unified Auditing – Performance Improvements in Oracle

Unified Auditing got introduced in Oracle Database 12.1.

Unified Auditing - Performance Improvements in Oracle 12.1The downsides of the “old” auditing facilities became obvious when too many users had activities or transactions at the same time leading to audit records being written into AUD$. Contention was a typical issue. The same thing happened when too many users tried to login at the same time. Furthermore protecting the auditing information required Database Vault as there was no default protection available.

This – and some other things – should be remedied by Unified Auditing which is available since Oracle Database 12c. It gets enabled in sort of a “mixed … [ Read more ]

Different Metrics for SPA (SQL Performance Analyzer)

I’m more the command line type of person. Once I’ve understand what’s going on behind the curtains I certainly switch to the GUI-click-click tools. But in the case of Real Application Testing – even though the support via the OEM GUI is excellent – sometimes I prefer to run my procedures from the command line and check my reports in the browser.

Recently Thomas, a colleague from Oracle ACS Support, and I were asking ourselves about the different comparison metrics for the SQL Performance Analyzer reporting We did scan the documentation but we found only examples but no complete … [ Read more ]