PDB Upgrade

Virtual Classroom: Database Upgrade Internals – and so much more

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for Feb 10, 2021 – 10:00h CET

Virtual Classroom Web Seminar No.8:

Database Upgrade Internals – and so much more

Do you want to speed up your database upgrades? Did you ever ask yourself what AutoUpgrade does in the background? And do you want to know what all the logfiles are meant for? Or how you monitor 20 database upgrades with one simple call? In this webinar, we’ll not only cover database upgrade internals—we want to deliver real insights. We’ve invited Frederick Alvaraz from the AutoUpgrade development team to join us and share his expertise.

In addition, …

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Why does a PDB require an upgrade?

Why do I need to upgrade (or downgrade) a Pluggable Database (PDB) once I unplug it from version A and replug into version B?

This question is one of the most often asked questions in our workshops when Roy and I present Upgrades and Oracle Multitenant.

If you take a look into the documentation you’ll find:

But unfortunately this is not 100% correct for every object.

When you do a simple query for basic dictionary structures such as OBJ$ you’ll easily find out that a PDB has its own Data Dictionary.  Some things are really linked …

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